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What is Spirituality But Reverence & Beauty

Although it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, although it’s so simple to get carried away with the to-do lists and life’s responsibilities, at the core of this life is absolute holiness. The essence of this existence beckons nothing but reverence. The very fabric of this reality is woven with Love and utter sacredness.

Although it’s easy be disconnected from a vision of the world that is holy and sacred, beauty resides close to us. The sacred experience of life is right here, just beneath the surface.

The way to experience the holiness of life is to peel back the layers that keep us from seeing it. When the mind becomes clear and the heart becomes pure, that’s when we can see what we haven’t before. When the body is alive, when it’s been fed nutritiously, that’s when it feels different. What is spirituality but tending to the beautiful instruments of body, heart, and mind, and slowly lifting those obstructions that veil the holiness of life.

What is spirituality but looking inward.  There are no scriptures to read, no dogma to follow, no time of the day to bow down in devotion. There’s only making the great turn of attention by shining the great light of your attention inward. That’s when the mind will begin to change. When the warmth and energy of attention – like a great sun – shines inward on a regular basis, boundaries dissolve, life emerges, and awakening happens.

What is spirituality but the awakening of love. The more the heart opens, the more awake it becomes, the more love becomes a moving force in one’s life. With this, one’s unique beauty resonates with the greater melody and beauty of the cosmos.

What is spirituality but moving beyond everyday thoughts and conditioning. There, truth resides. There, this sacred existence is inviting us to finally see it for what it is.

And once we do, once we see life for its absolute beauty, we will no longer have the ability to harm others, the planet, or ourselves. We will see how incredibly interwoven this life is and that to harm any part of existence is to harm ourselves.


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