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Use Creative Energy to Heal, to Love, to Awaken

I never thought I was being creative.  I wanted to be a writer and the instructions were clear:  To be successful, make writing your great Love affair!

So, I filled hundreds of notebooks – simply giving outer expression to my inner experience. Meanwhile, as I continued to meditate and as I continued to direct my attention inward, I noticed changes in my writing:

there was less neurosis and more knowing
less self-criticism and more cries of joy
less ego and more expressions of the Self

And with this, the true healing was finding the freedom to express my wild voice, my deep heart, and my unique Self – the authentic expression of Nature through me!

Creation Meditation is a spiritual practice that combines meditation and creativity. It’s a practice that facilitates getting to know your uniqueness and loving yourself deeply by having the courage to be who you are. It’s a way of staying in a committed partnership (a great Love affair) with Life – as it emerges through you!  That committed partnership can take place through writing, dancing, painting, or any other form of expressing yourself creatively.

If you’d like to make this sort of commitment, look inward, and start to give expression to all that arises – without judgment!  Your pain and your pleasures, your suffering and celebrations are the many ways in which Creation is revealing itself through you! The truth is no matter where you live, no matter who you think you are, there’s something powerful growing in you.

This powerful force at first seems insignificant – revealing itself as your ideas, thoughts, images, feelings, dreams, memories, and moods – experiences you’ve had again and again without notice. Yet, take a step back and you’ll see that all of those inner experiences are a fountain of creative energy, an abundant fountain of Life, the creative Life Force itself.

The creative energy arising through you – as your life – includes everything. And if you think about it, creativity is messy! And the same is true with our lives. Just like Nature – with Her hurricanes and hail storms, trees decaying and dead animals rotting – we are messy. We have dark sides and shadows, sharp edges and thorns.

If I can get anything across to you it’s this about creative energy:

Creation, Nature, is expressing itself through you as your life. When you quiet the monkey mind (meditation) and access what is emerging from your depth (creativity), there is the sacred opportunity to see your messiness, to accept your darkness, and to live a life that embodies Nature – your true nature – in its wholeness!


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