The Story of All Creation | Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC)

The Story of All Creation

If you think that you are not creative, if you believe that you are not generating creation moment after moment, I invite you to go within. When you shift your awareness inwards, when you roll away the stone to the dark dome within, you will find a fountain of creativity.

Going within is like taking a step into the underground, that black and fertile place that sustains and supports your life. You see, when you turn within, you will find thoughts, ideas, sensations, dreams, feelings, moods, and most of all, images being born in you, being created in you, moment after moment. It is a fountain, a spring of life. Though it feels personal, it is indeed a force of Life.

If you were to build a relationship with this fountain, you would come to discover, that these inner experiences are not yours, they belong to everyone. They are not individual but collective. They are not just personal but transpersonal. That inner fountain, though at the surface feels like your life, is in fact a beautiful thread in the tapestry of all existence. It is a sacred sentence in the story of all Creation.

The eternal fountain is unseen
in living bread that gives us being
in black of night.

She calls on all mankind to start
to drink her water, though in dark,
for black is night.

O living fountain that I crave,
in bread of life I see her flame
in black of night.

(excerpt from “The Fountain” by John of the Cross)