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The Medicine of Meditation

Meditation is sacred time to observe yourself!  …… bring your patterns into presence – or awareness. It is a potent way to create space between those incessant thoughts so that you can be aware of the contents of the mind versus becoming them.

The one powerful and life changing – yes life changing! – moment in meditation is this:

When you are lost in forests of the mind and suddenly you become aware that you are not on the breath (or whatever object of focus), at that very moment you are in a higher state consciousness. You are aware instead of lost in thinking!

Every time you are aware that you are lost in thinking – ahhhh, that’s the healing medicine!  Meditation is not about staying on the breath; it’s about being aware of what you’re mind is doing.

Meditation can cultivate that higher level of consciousness – awareness.  And over time, you start to rest in your true identity as the witness, or Eternal Awareness.

“Our true identity lies not in the
changing contents of the mind
but in a deeper level of the mind, heart, or soul.
To reach this deeper layer,
one must slowly disentangle oneself
from automatic identification of the contents of the mind.”

– Mircea Eliade