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The Symbolic Meaning of the Robe

Just like the priest or rabbi who wears religious clothing, the Robe is an external symbol of spiritual potency, the outward and visible shape of the inner being. Wearing a Robe, like the blue robe of the High Priestess or the orange tunic of the Tibetan Monk or the white dress of the Pope, has meaning and significance on both the imaginal and physical planes.

On the physical plane, the soul wears the suit of skin and bones. With the passing of the seasons, this garment may show its signs of aging, yet it too serves as a reminder of our royal, holy ancestry – our divinity. On the inner plane, the soul can slip out of this dress anytime and wear the attire of Absolute Truth.

Once I saw the image of a woman whose skin was lying at her feet. She was invisible, but I could still make out her shape. She handed me her garment of skin and bones and said, “Use this as a reminder that reaching the Absolute is possible.”

In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, when She is confronted with the seven powers of wrath, She is able to “slip out of her garments”, her egoic self, and surrender to non-attachment.

We are all wearing the robe of humanity, a visible expression of the inner being, the holy dress to our divinity.


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