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The Symbolic Meaning of the Key

The key is a profound image. It holds so much power. Although you might imagine using a key to unlock a treasure chest or Pandora’s Box, the key – especially now at this point in human history – is meant to open the heart. Indeed, the heart needs to be opened with a key, with turning that key in a certain direction, and then “feeling” the click of unlocking and opening. What will open the door to the heart? Attention. And the direction to turn it is inward, and by doing so, you unlock and open the door to Wisdom.

Wisdom is not knowledge or reason or thinking. Wisdom is the Intelligence born from inner experience. It is born of the heart and mind in union and emerges when the timeless gate to the heart has been opened. Once attention has been refined, that is, once it can hold its focus upon the inner chambers of the heart and the heart itself is pure, endless riches await. This sort of treasure is our birthright and not only our birthright but it is yearning for us to unearth for the healing of our planet. Attention is the key, and the treasure is the Wisdom of the Heart.

What have you found to be your spiritual key? Is it attention, or love, or something else?


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