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Symbolic Meaning of the Castle

The image of the Castle, often buried deep in the psyche, is a holy place. If you were to shine the great light of your attention inward and simultaneously, feel the beauty of the heart, the image of the Castle may appear. Before reaching this royal place, however, you may have to traverse the inner desert, the landscape of loneliness, and then dig into the Earth, descending, as it were, into more of yourself. As you descend into the fertile darkness of the unknown, allowing all feeling and images to emerge, perhaps there you will see a door. Its top edge curves downward and is lined with gold. You look up and see yourself standing before a towering Castle, glistening ever so slightly.

It glistens and glows with vibration, a sort of spiritual humming, for the Castle represents the inner chamber of the heart. You’ve arrived at the beginning, and although you’ve known that all your answers can be found within, now you fully grasp this meaning. Here, you recognize yourself and your royal lineage; the royal blood is forever pumping through your veins and the meridians of the cosmos, connecting the hearts of all human beings across time and space. The image of the Castle ripples across the imaginal realm and serves as a meeting place for you and other souls who know the heart as the beginning, the center, and the end.

In her masterpiece The Interior Castle, St. Teresa of Avila shared her image of “a magnificent castle inside our own souls, at the center of which the Beloved himself dwells.” The translator Mirabai Starr wrote, “The extraordinary thing about this castle where God lives is that it is inside of us. The journey to union with the Beloved is a journey home to the center of ourselves. … The human soul is so glorious that God himself chooses it as his dwelling place. The path to God, then, leads us on a journey of self-discovery.”

What does the inner castle represent for you?


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