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Spiritual Union Happens Within the Heart

There’s no coincidence that in the word heart is ART. In order to be creative, in order to genuinely bring something that once did not exist into existence, we need to listen to an inner intelligence, a voice that guides the poem or painting. You might say the heart is the muse.

Others would say the heart is more than the muse; it is the master voice. It is the soft inner voice that often gets buried and lost. However, it is usually the artist, the poet, or the visionary that rekindles the lost, soft voice and makes it their own. This is undoubtedly true for the famous cinematographer, Ingmar Bergman, who described the creative process well.

It is a mental state,” he said, “abounding in fertile associations and images. Most of all, it is a brightly colored thread sticking out of the dark sack of the unconscious. If I begin to wind up this thread, and do it carefully, a complete film will emerge.”

The state of mind that Bergman describes is like opening the door to the heart and turning up the volume on the heart’s intelligence. It’s like sitting at the foot of the bed and waiting for your lover to wake and say, “Good morning.”  In other words, quieting the mind and listening for the inner intelligence is none other than waking love in the heart. It’s none other than opening the inner door to resources you never knew were there. Attention can rest in the heart while a creative endeavor unfolds, allowing an intuitive intelligence to emerge. Cultivating this inner state yields a feeling of receptivity and listening for the intelligent unfolding of the creative process.

And this is just the beginning. If you were to make creativity a spiritual practice, which is the invitation of Creation Meditation, the heart continues to flower open. The inner intelligence of the heart continues to emerge. The uniqueness of who you are would continue to find its expression through your creativity and it’s possible spiritual union might unfold.

Spiritual union is best described through taking a look at the symbol known as the hexagram.

The hexagram is a great symbol representing spiritual union, carrying deep and powerful meaning in many religious traditions. Imagine a downward pointing triangle meeting an upward pointing triangle in perfection, and the two equilateral triangles form a six-pointed star.

Of course, in Christianity and Judaism, the hexagram is known as the Star of David. In the ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead, there are images of a swastika inside the hexagram representing the creative force in the universe. Hinduism uses the hexagram as a mandala to represent the heart, and for good reason. The more the heart opens (which creativity facilitates) the more awake it becomes, and the more love becomes a moving force in one’s life. With this, one’s unique beauty resonates with the greater melody of the cosmos. The Hexagram represents the spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti, masculine and feminine, human and divine, and the fundamental sacred marriage.

When this union takes place, a human being embodies a star-like, divine quality. As the life force becomes more and more awake and the kundalini energy reaches and brings to blossom the heart, the spiritual union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine unfolds. With this, one gains the ability to make his or her own decisions and finds freedom from the laws of karma. She is no longer bound by the personality or the wounds of the ego. When the two are joined, it becomes clear that the holy breath of God is, and always has been, flowing through all.


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