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Spiritual Union: Give Outer Expression to Your Inner Experience

If you’re looking for a way to experience spiritual union, that beautiful sense of wholeness and integrity, turn your creativity into a spiritual practice.

Doing so is a bit like practicing Tantra. Often when people hear or read Tantra, they think of sexuality. Sex can be a means to practice Tantra, though the yogic practice itself is not so much concerned with sexuality as it is with the creative force. The word Tantra comes from the two Sanskrit words tanoti, which means expansion, and trayati, which means liberation. Tantra yoga attempts to expand awareness to include all opposing aspects of oneself, such as male and female, dark and light, pleasurable and painful, thereby awakening to the wholeness of the universe as a creative expression of the supreme being.

To achieve this sort of spiritual union through creativity, another principle of Tantra can lead the way. Tantra recognizes continuity – the continuous unfolding of life, your life, and the continuous unfolding of your growth – emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical. Tantra is a practice that attempts to penetrate into, harness, and transform the dynamic forces of the universe – which are no different than one’s psychological forces.

In the same way, Creation Meditation is a practice of harnessing the life force and using it as a means for transformation. To begin to do this, stay in a continuous rhythm as you give outer expression to your inner experience. Without judgment, keep the pen, the paintbrush, the sculpting tool in motion. In writing, for instance, keep your hand moving across the page, even if you’re writing, “I don’t know what to write.”

If you’re looking for an experience of spiritual union, try doing what Nature does, which is what Tantra is also suggesting with its principle of continuity. You see, Nature is always in motion. The Earth forever spins and pivots; the planets ceaselessly circle the sun; the waves continue to crash on the shore; the grass grows endlessly towards the sky, your breath rises and falls, and the heart beats on and on and on. When you are creating, keep sliding your pen along the page; keep gliding your paintbrush along the canvas. Whatever creative tool you use, keep your creativity in motion!

And as you continue to lay down those surface thoughts and ideas, as you drain the brain of its confusion, you’ll eventually find some gold within. You see, to create is already an experience of spiritual union.  In order to bring something out of the realm of what does not exist into the realm of what does exist requires that opposites unite. Known and unknown, fullness and nothingness, conscious and unconscious, male and female, human and divine must become one in order to produce the creative third.

If you’re seeking spiritual union, wholeness with deeper and deeper dimensions of yourself, develop a practice of creativity. In other words, nonjudgmentally, give outer expression to your inner experience.


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