Sexual energy is most commonly associated with the physical body. That’s where we can experience a potent expression of the life force energy. When we feel sexual we might make love with a partner, thereby creating the possibility of bringing a new human infant into existence – if the conditions are right. Just like the life force and the creative energy, sexual energy is generative. It facilitates the existence of new form. Sexual energy is the same force that created each of us and continues to create us. It’s the power that animates us and enlivens us. The sexual energy is one way in which the life force expresses itself.


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Creation Meditation is a spiritual practice that combines meditation and mindful creativity. It is meant to open you, deepen you, and connect you to your own life energy. It is meant to reunite you with your essence. It’s completely free. And you can begin right now.  Introductory Creation Meditation Course


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