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Sexual Energy – It’s Never Anything But Sacred

At the heart of who you are is an abundant fountain of life. Although you might claim certain identities, such as “I am a doctor” or “a teacher” or “a woman”, you are at the core of your being – Source.

Streaming forward from this place within – this great Void, this holy place– is life energy. Ah, and this life energy is the great, generative energy that keeps the cosmos in its miraculous dance. It is the very energy that is pumping your blood, breathing you, and guiding the intelligent unfolding of your life.

This energy we might call the life force is not only creative; it is sexual!
Sexual energy is fundamentally sacred, holy, and pure.

To give birth, whether mentally or physically, you must find union. Just as when a man and woman come together in lovemaking and nine months later bear a child, in order to be creative, you must also unite opposites! Bring together the known and unknown in you. Go to that magical place within where dark and light become one.

And how does this relate to you, right now?  If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, tend to the inner life. Allow life, in all its variety – good or bad – to come forth. If you’re at rest in your creativity and want the rivers to flow… allow, allow, allow. Keep writing, dancing or painting, and be willing to give expression to all of it…. the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“Everything which God created millions of years ago and everything which will be created by God after millions of years – if the world lasts that long – God is creating all that in the innermost and deepest realms of the human soul.”

– Meister Eckhart