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Sacred Sexuality: The Power of the Serpent

Straighten the serpent and it is a sword, a lingam, a line. It is power. As a line, it extends into infinity on both sides and has neither beginning nor end. It is infinity made finite, the sacred made manifest. The serpent, which we see, is an extension of the invisible. It is the expression of the holiness of nature.

The serpent can quickly lose its length, though, to coil, curve, and spiral, swerving its way through the primordial underground. In its curvy female shape, it is known in Tantra and sacred sexuality as kundalini, coiled at the base of the spine. Slowly, as the life force in the body wakes up, the serpent hisses and ascends through the chakras, until once again it is straight as a line, a lingam, a sword. The power of the serpent plays with its sexuality. It is neither male nor female, but both. It is a symbol for neither sacred sexuality nor irreverent intercourse, but both.

In this way, the serpent is not a symbol for evil, as it is often interpreted. Instead, it is simply the life power, of which humans make the mistake of judging good or bad. The serpent represents the libido, the primordial life force, snaking its way to us from the primordial dark Source of all things. It is neither sacred nor profane, good nor evil, female nor male. It is everything.

On the one hand you could say that the serpent is a symbol for sacred sexuality because life itself, the primordial life force, is inherently sacred. And on the other hand, life is a force of energy, expressing itself in a myriad of ways including dark and evil ones.

The power of the serpent is the power we possess, the life force that is moving and animating us, the intelligence that keeps our bodies breathing, the libido that drives and underlies all of existence. As Starhawk, the activist and writer put it, “Sex is the manifestation of the driving life energy of the universe. Sexuality is an expression of the moving force that underlies everything and gives it life.”


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