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Sacred Sexuality: Experiencing the Holiness of Life

At the peak of orgasm,
we pierce through the illusion
of fragmentation and separation,
and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings.

– Margot Anand


Sacred sexuality is none other than recognizing that sexual energy is life energy. At a fundamental level, they are one. Sacred sexuality is waking up to the wisdom that life is inherently sacred and holy. There are no candles to light or incense to burn in order to “create” an experience of sacred sexuality. At its essence, life is sexual and at that level the holiness of life is evident.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself in places like Nature or in meditation or while making love to someone you adore. For instance, in my own life, the holiness and sensuality of life can be seen while writing at the shoreline:

The ocean is breathing heavily, the palm fronds are leaning in, and the waves, unfolding and receding, are making love to the land.  Even the unseen stars are singing their splendor, and the beauty of Creation is crying out in ecstasy.

And my heart, the only Intelligence that knows Nature’s language, responds,  “Oh, great Divine Creator, thank you for all you offer – the breath, the body, the mind and heart!”

To my surprise, the Earth hears me! The eyes of the sea pop up with curled lashes to see where I am on the sand.  Palm fronds lean in close to hear my scratching on the page and the wind, caressing my shoulders, says I love you. I’m having a love affair with Nature!

I don’t think my lover will mind; my two-timing with the Divine awakens the heart’s portal, now ushering forth an energy that is abundantly generative and creative.

Sacred sexuality is an authentic experience of spirituality where currents of Love, vibrational and poetic, pours forth. Sacred sexuality is no longer divorcing sexual energy and life energy and instead allowing all of life to come through so that you can indeed make love to the cosmos!  And in this making love, step out of your egoic idea of what you think life is about and into the fountain of energy inside that is sourced from God.


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