Creation Meditation

The spiritual practice of Creation Meditation invites you to turn your attention inward, and in so doing, transform yourself. The practice includes two parts: Meditation and Creative Expression (giving outer expression to the inner experience).


The nature of the mind for most people includes a high amount of distraction and division. Generally, the mind wanders and cannot stay still. On the whole, it is full of worry, fear, doubt, stress, and anxiety. Meditation, when practiced consistently, can help the mind rest in the present moment. Using a point of focus, such as the breath or a mantra, helps the mind gain one-pointedness, which in turn refines your capacity to be aware of what you are experiencing moment by moment. Meditation facilitates openness and inward receptivity.

Creative Expression

Creative Expression is defined as giving outer expression to the inner experience. You might do this through writing, dancing, painting, or drawing. However, writing out your inner experience requires the least amount of skill. This practice is called Creation Meditation because what arises from within is considered to be Creation or Nature. The creative force is not only what we use to create poems and paintings; it is the driving force of the universe. With a practice of Creation Meditation, you can become receptive to the vitality within and become intimate with this vitality. In this way, you open to the intelligence of Nature. A deepening relationship with your inner experience and what is naturally arising from within facilitates an ever-more conscious participation in the evolution of your life. Giving outer expression to the inner experience also cultivates an intimacy with the Source from which your experiences arise.

In time, these two practices (meditation and creative expression) facilitate psycho-spiritual growth and transformation. A sustained practice of bringing attention inward and giving expression to what arises moment by moment also facilitates introversion – the experience of attention sinking deeper and deeper inward. For instance, during creative expression, your attention might reach for an image that is faintly arising into consciousness, no different than trying to remember parts of a dream. By bringing your attention to this liminal place, you facilitate the drawing of attention deeper inward.  Over time, as your attention deepens inward, the content of what arises changes. The inner experience may become more transpersonal versus personal, objective versus subjective. Ultimately, this practice can facilitate a conscious experience of the Source from which form arises.

Creation Meditation is a spiritual practice of:

  • cultivating awareness.
  • observing life as it is, without changing it.
  • dis-identifying with the separate self.
  • studying the microcosm (your inner world) in order to realize the macrocosm (the universe).
  • deepening your relationship with the unknown.
  • developing the ability to experience that which is subtle.
  • recognizing who you really are.
  • allowing Nature or your natural self to emerge.
  • Inquiry, leading to the source of the separate self and finding out that it too is a mere expression of a greater Intelligence

Practice Creation Meditation if you would like to:

  • Feel more connected to yourself.
  • Feel more connected to your life and its path.
  • Feel connected to a deeper source within.
  • Restore the instinctual and intuitive sides of yourself.
  • Accept and express more of yourself.
  • Experience wholeness (Read more here.)
  • Experience awakening. (Read more here.)
  • Experience love for yourself, others, and life itself.
  • Experience life as meaningful and miraculous.
  • Return to an indigenous way of seeing and experiencing the world.