The One Great Birth | Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC)

The One Great Birth

You’re finally getting it.

You are realizing what a remarkable, amazing and sacred creature you are. You are making the shift from self-hatred to self-love, from self-condemnation to self-appreciation, from feeling separate and isolated to feeling wise, deeply connected, and whole. You know that you are a wisdom-keeper, a master, a sage.

If you’d like to facilitate this shift in you, if you’d like to deepen the love for yourself, if you’d like to embody the wise woman or man in you, deepen your relationship with creativity. Strengthen the connection to your creative flow – the intelligence, the power, the wisdom of the universe. Allow every aspect of creation to come through you. Your voice, your art, your thoughts and visions, no matter how small, are adding to the one great birth we are all in labor for.