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Mindfulness Exercises: Staying Present in the Here & Now

Along the spiritual path, especially on the path inward, the path of introversion and descent, there must be surrender. And an inner surrender is best cultivated through mindfulness. When we begin to incorporate mindfulness exercises into our day, that’s when a growing inner surrender will take place.

Surrender is necessary for the boundaries of the mind to dissolve, for a relationship with Self to form, for connection with one’s inner power. Surrender is not so valued in society though. It’s seen as passivity or powerlessness. But passivity on the inner plane leads to gold. It leads to bliss and beauty and spiritual union. Passivity and surrender, although at first might feel challenging, can eventually lead to awakening.

One of the most beautiful mindfulness exercises is building stability in the here and now. For instance, when I decide to stay present, at first my attention wanders. It goes in and out of being present. And then, I am aware that I am aware and I make the decision to pay attention. I decide to stay in the solitude of the present.

It’s not a lonely solitude; it’s my attention and existence. It’s my awareness and everything. It’s the container of my consciousness and the spring of all that arises within and around me. Stretching the amount of minutes my attention can stay stable is like gripping the sides of time and widening its width. It’s like puncturing a hole in reality and peering through into a deeper dimension. Resting in the now is like resting in a loving relationship with Life.

In fact, some spiritual teachers believe that the only way to acquire a clear perspective on life is to be in perpetual meditation – that is, to be in the present moment throughout as much of the day as possible. Of all the various forms of mindfulness exercises, throughout your day, you’re returning to the present moment. Throughout your day your coming back to the breath – whose home is in the now – again and again.

Otherwise, they say, the lens of your identity will forever be clouding the true nature of existence. And with that identity are all the thoughts, beliefs, past wounds, ideas, and images that keep you from seeing what a miracle life really is. When we repeatedly return to the present moment, we rewire our brains to find rest there. Sooner or later, after efforting the attention to stay put, resting in the moment will become more and more effortless. Staying with the beauty of the breath won’t feel like a burden; it’ll be blissful.

Copyright 2014 l Adriana Attento, MA