Making Meditation for New Moms Possible | Creation Meditation

Making Meditation for New Moms Possible

Katie O’Brien’s daughter was only 11 months old when she realized it had been exactly eleven months since she had consistently meditated. She grew disappointed for falling into the whole “motherhood won’t let me” trap, as she has always been a big believer in the many benefits of meditation. “I hit a big fat brick wall,” says O’Brien. As she quickly and avidly turned to Google to start researching meditation secretes for new moms, she was surprised to find nothing at all and thought to herself: “What?! I could not be the first one who was craving this?!”

While she was on this hunt for simple meditation solutions as a new mom, a little voice inside kept whispering, “Katie, if you want something and it doesn’t exist… create it. Don’t just try to find someone to follow. Lead the way and create exactly what you want.” So she did.

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View Katie’s “One Mama’s Meditation Routine with Her Daughter” video below.