Deep Writing: Finding the Life Within You

To know thyself is to know God.

The class that you are about to begin is the start of a great odyssey. You might think of yourself as an explorer, documenting what you find as you traverse the inner terrain. You will wander the wilderness within, cross rough and tumultuous seas, and journey beyond the safety zone of your ego. This is good!

Think of me as your guide to the inner world. Each week I will lead you deeper within. You will receive weekly emails with guidance on how to deepen your awareness into the mystery of the inner world. You might see these emails as signposts, pointing the way. And as we move along, I will be available for questions and support. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. Together, we will journey along the inner landscape, one of the last frontiers.

This is the writing way. I’m so glad you joined us!