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Experience Spiritual Union by Being Creative

Being creative immediately puts you into a state of union. By bringing your attention inward, by giving expression to the inner experience, by connecting to the creative ideas and images within, you connect human and divine.

Have you ever noticed that by going inward you suddenly become available to the feelings, thoughts, and images that arise from within?

This chaos is the compost from which you create. It is this energy, this inner material that serves as the fuel for your creative expressions. As you continue to use that inner material, you’ll notice the creative energy get stronger. You’ll notice that where once your writing hand was in slow motion, now you’re on fire with the flames that are arising from within. Thought after thought, idea after idea, insight after insight is making its way into your consciousness. This fire, and all it encompasses – the good, the bad, and the ugly – is uniquely yours. It is the fire of your creativity.

At the same time, the more you stay with the fire of your creativity, the longer you tend to your inner flame, the more you cultivate the experience of spiritual union. You see, as you continue to go inward, as you stay receptive to the material that arises, you are opening yourself to Life. You are building a relationship with the life force, the creative energy that in fact fuels your unique existence.

And the deeper you go, the more receptive you are to your inner fire, you create spiritual union. You become the bridge between inner and outer, heart and mind, known and unknown. You bring together the individual mind and the mind of the cosmos. When you give your inner experience outer expression you unite:

inner and outer
human and divine
body and soul
heart and mind
known and unknown
expression and silence
potential and actual
nothing and something
emptiness and fullness
microcosm and macrocosm
individual and universal
stagnation and fluidity
conscious and unconscious

In fact, creativity and writing in particular is a way to go deeply within. I call writing a meditation because as a by-product of stream-of-consciousness writing you witness what passes through you.  Writing is an exercise of attention, turning it within day after day until you discover who you are on the deepest level. Writing is an exercise of developing awareness. Being present to what passes through you invites insight and inner connection. Writing is an exercise of raising consciousness. We step into the creative flow and out of our egoic idea of what this life is about. Writing is praying. It is the strongest form of communicating with the Beloved. Creativity cracks open our hearts so that the fountain of our life is sourced from God.

Creativity brings the joyous experience of spiritual union.


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