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Expand Your Viewpoint with Creativity

You have a particular perspective of the world. From this perspective, you experience and view life in a unique way. Your viewpoint is so unique; it has been created by every single one of your experiences – painful and pleasurable, remembered and forgotten, fully or partially lived through. If you’re like most people, that perspective sees the world in mostly limited ways. It is inherent in the conditioning of us all.

At the same time, I’m sure you’ve experienced the opening of that viewpoint towards the boundlessness of the universe. When you experience that expansiveness, you might feel that all is fine with the world. Nothing is wrong. In fact, it’s all perfect and unfolding in the most brilliant of ways. Whatever is happening in your life – good and bad – is part of the wisdom of the whole. Most of all, you can feel your vitality, your greatness, and your soul shining through.

Yet, those feelings of boundlessness, peace, and vitality do not always last, making it helpful to have a daily practice that consistently connects you with the cosmos. If you haven’t found a consistent way to access your expansiveness, your greatness, your power, I’ll share how I access mine.

It is, without fail, a practice of creativity. By consciously engaging in a process of creation, that is by bringing forward what is within (just as the universe does moment by moment anyway), you become the Creator. You access what is bigger, larger, greater than the small version of yourself.

For example, with writing, there may not be too many words that rise to the surface of the mind at first. Yet you move your hand anyway, even if you’re writing “I don’t know what to write now.” Slowly, what appears may be the stories you’ve created about the days events or the worries you have about your vacation next week, or your true feelings about the conversation you had with a good friend. You write out the unspoken thoughts and feelings about the happenings of your unique life.

As you continue to let your attention rest on the inner world and give it expression, the energy inside starts to build. Your hand starts to swing from one end of the page to the other. More and more thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, dream snippets, and bodily sensations enter your field of consciousness. You write it all out and meanwhile the energy increases. Soon, there is a fountain of activity inside and your hand can barely keep up with the fire within. The vitality that’s there is not so much about your reactions to everyday life. Instead, it is an expansive sensation, an energy and intelligence offering you creative ideas, innovation solutions, and feelings of connection, ease, and timelessness. This is the creative flow.

Tapping into this energy is accessing the power of God, the life force that keeps the universe in motion. This creative force is limitless! Look at what it’s created – an expanding galaxy, twirling planets, seven swaying oceans, conscious human beings, an incredible and alive Planet Earth, stars that shine on ceaselessly, clouds, a sun, birds, and much, much more. Accessing this creative flow is like reaching the fountain of life, invisible water that sustains and nurtures the soul.

When you pick up your creative accoutrements – a sculpting tool, a paintbrush, a pen – you have the opportunity to expand our unique viewpoint, to link it up with the cosmos, and become the greatness that is you.

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Photo Credit: Freydoon Rassouli