Deepen your relationship with your creative power to discover your purpose, passion, and unique path. The eBooks below will teach you how to gently allow the intelligence of Life through you so that you can live with more authenticity, inspiration, and love.

The Inner Shoreline: Writing Prompts for Exploring the Sacred World Within

The quotes and questions within these pages are doors for inner exploration. They are invitations to write, to see where the thread of Creation leads you. One inner experience after another continues to emerge. An image, an idea, a thought, a feeling, or a memory may arise. What is the unknown revealing to you? How is Life expressing itself through you? Use these prompts to uncover the uniqueness that is you.

Creativity: Waking up to the Holiness of Life

This book is a collection of articles revealing the reverence and holiness of life. These articles also describe a spiritual practice that combines giving outer expression to the inner experience (creativity) with learning to stay in the present moment (meditation). this practice can facilitate waking up to the sacred and reverent nature of this existence.

"If Nature is your teacher, your soul will awaken."
- Goethe