We tend to think of creativity as an experience in which we engage the intellect or reason. Some artists might think about, or even plan out their creative endeavor for a desired result. However, that’s not the type of creativity being discussed here. If you were to sit down with paper and pen and write whatever comes to you, at first you might encounter complaints, doubts, worries, fears, or annoyances that can accompany our everyday experience. Continue writing out what comes to you and you’ll move past a surface layer of the mind and perhaps begin to encounter insights, inspiration, images, and new ideas. Continue writing even more and a deeper experience begins to unfold. You may encounter truths about yourself (microcosm) or about the world (macrocosm).

Essentially, when we become creative by allowing what naturally arises, we shine the light of attention inward and bear witness to our inner experience as it unfolds. Making this a spiritual practice creates the opportunity to discover who you are, not as an individual separate from the rest, but as consciousness – the ground of being before and beyond form and that connects all of existence.

Ironically, when you continue a spiritual practice of creativity, you allow the unique way in which the power and intelligence of life is expressing itself uniquely through you. So although you are deeply connected to everything and everyone, you possess a unique essence which aims to be expressed through you.  Just like a Eucalyptus tree has its own unique expression and just as a hibiscus plant has its own unique expression in Nature, you too have your own unique expression.


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