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Creative Energy: The Power We Possess

Being creative can bring many spiritual benefits because to do so requires going inward, listening for the next piece of creative direction, and following the lead of intuition and imagination.

I know I’ve said this before that when I speak about creativity, I am not necessarily honing your ability to be creative, per se, but really giving you the tools so that you deepen into yourself and wake up to the life force that we have repressed, ignored, been siphoned from, cut off from… for way too long.

There’s a great saying by the metaphysicist, Florence Scovel Shinn – “All disease is due to congestion and all healing is due to circulation.” When we are in movement, physically through exercise, emotionally through real and open conversations, psychologically and spiritually through creativity, healing takes place. When we write (or paint or dance or sculpt), by bringing our attention inwards and giving form to the images that flow from within, we create circulation! Our attention pointed inward creates movement and that movement is restorative and healing.

In fact, Life itself is a collective body of flowing creative energy. Within each day something new is born. Looked at a little closer, within each minute, each second, each eternal now reality is born. Life is a beautiful stream, a spring.

Many spiritual teachers say that we are recognizing ourselves as this vitality, as the life force itself.  We are letting go of the smaller identity ego, pain, fear, suffering, limitation. And by deepening, by really getting intimate with the creative energy, with Creation, with Nature, we can begin to wake up to who we are.

Now as human beings, we are vulnerable and susceptible to certain limitation; such is the meaning of the human existence. Yet, at the same time, we have the power to change our thoughts. If we have chains around our necks, and metaphorically speaking, most of us do, all we have to do is lift them up and over our heads. The patterns of consciousness – the chains that continue to bind us – are purely an illusion. (See the article Benefits of Meditation: Disentangle Yourself from Yourself). Although the restrictions in our life, whether its feeling stuck in the same relationships, caught by the same financial concerns, or trapped by the same life experiences again and again, it is possible to find freedom.

Feeling the power of creative energy is the deep experience that accompanies creativity. In writing, for example, I am not only a writer who lays down one word at a time; I’m a visionary artist, a painter, a performer on the page. I am a dancer, swaying with sound. I am a sculptor of story. In using imagination, intuition, I access the power of the creative energy.

And each person is an artist, a writer, a vessel for creative energy. This is the power we each possess. Becoming intimate with this power reveals our passion, purpose, and unique path in life.


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