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The Creative Energy & Power of Images

Images are the universal language. Despite our unique conditioning, culture, upbringing, perspective, and life experiences, an image communicates to all human beings. However, not everyone will receive the same message. We will experience an image on the level we are able to receive its meaning.

Images are the language of the unconscious. Each possesses an inner meaning and an outer shell. The outer shell is what we see initially, the colors, lines, and form of the image itself, which any viewer can take or leave. When the recipient allows an image to penetrate his/her psyche, that is where the power lies. The deeper meaning of the image is the feeling that arises from that image, the message it is communicating, and the force of power it holds.

One power that all images possess is life. Images are energy. They possess within them the life force. Although it’s easy to disregard images, it’s to ignore them, dismiss them, they arise from a primordial part of our being and so possess an abundant amount of creative energy.

The world of the imagination is incredibly generative. In truth, all images are the foundational substrata of reality itself. Images are the creative energy from which life exists. For this reason, paying attention to and becoming more deeply intimate with the images that we possess facilitates becoming more intimate with our own lives.

In fact, for those who are open to it (often these are poets, artists, and writers), a fountain of creative energy springs forward from within. The life force streams through the psyche in the form of ideas, thoughts, feelings, moods, dreams, and at its most basic level, images into the light of awareness.

Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing, wrote “The powers we humans have to give birth to our images are in fact the very divine power of the universe itself and, more than that, of the divinity itself.” When we touch upon our images and when become intimate with the creative energy that arises from within, we become intimate with the divinity within.

The ability to imagine is the potent spiritual power of creating. The most basic, most elemental link to the spirituality of creativity is the image. It is the image that creates. It is the image that becomes manifest. It is the image that sooner or later becomes reality. As author and depth psychologist Robert Avens wrote, “Imagination is reality; reality is imagination.”

If you want to develop your own inner power, begin to give expression to the creative energy that arises from within. Little by little, bit by bit, you’ll experience the purity of the creative force moving through you, rising up from the great divinity you possess within. To know yourself is to know God.


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