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Creative Energy: It Plays an Essential Role in Who You Are Becoming

You’ve experienced it, I’m sure. The symphony of sunset colors reflecting on the mountainside. The mountain itself is on fire with light and Life. The reds, the pinks, and purples are speaking your language – Love.  And as Nature reveals Her Glory, you feel your soul go beyond your skin. Resting in expansion time and again is the practice Creation Meditation. Yes, it takes commitment to move past your conditioning. Yes, it takes courage to stand in the great Unknown. Yes, you must let all your inner experiences have their expression. Yet, once you’ve given up your doubts, fears, and pains to the creative process, you will expand. You will feel your uniqueness in relation to the whole. You see, your life – breaking apart, splitting open, and blossoming – is the pure expression of Nature. It is a necessary petal in the flowering of all of Creation. Creation Meditation is a spiritual practice of becoming more and more intimate with the creative energy. It’s a spiritual practice that includes both meditation and mindfulness exercises in order to wake up the life force in you. And like any spiritual practice, it requires:

Devotion: There must be a yearning from the heart to heal, to unfold, to awaken.

Discipline: You must be willing to show up with your meditation cushion and with your creative tools time and again.

Dedication: You must be willing to show up even when it is challenging.

Essentially, the spiritual practice of Creation Meditation is having the willingness and the courage to stay open to information arising from the unknown (unconscious). Doing so, creates a relationship between the unconscious and conscious minds. Often, it is the artists, the writers, the creators, who experience this relationship because in order to be creative, there must be an inner dialogue. There must be a part of the self that listens for what is quietly unfolding from within. Of course, those who continue to stay open to what is arising from within will face the parts of them that might feel uncomfortable or painful. However, this too is life. This too is an expression of the creative energy. And as life arises more and more, you’ll feel the glory of who you are. You’ll deepen your relationship with what is emerging through you, as you. You’ll reconnect with Nature and facilitate your own evolution. Just like the evolution of the universe from its beginning to today, who you are is a step-by-step unfolding, a bit-by-bit expanding. This expansion, this unfolding, this gradual evolution of your life happens when you allow and participate in it. When you open up to the creative, generative, life energy emerging through you, you deepen your relationship with who you are and who you are becoming.

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