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Creative Energy: 6 Keys for Transforming Your Life

Creation Meditation is a practice that cultivates:

1. Presence

Creative energy and Creation itself is being born right now. Here and now is the point of power, the point through which all of life is born. What is spirituality? It’s the ability to be with what is arising right now in this moment. The author Scot Morrison says it best:

“To be enlightened is to be absolutely unconditionally intimate with this moment.”

2. Attention

Whatever you place your attention on grows and expands. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Creative energy, life energy, stirs. By learning to place your attention on the Source, you access the ground of being and the fountain of life which springs from there. The beautiful poet Mary Oliver put it this way: “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”

3. Emergence

Every one of us is born anew in each moment. Beneath the layers of mental chatter, emotional currents, limiting beliefs, and blocks, the river of life continues. This can be especially important to remember that when we are stuck in a life situation. When we feel fenced in, we can return to the creative energy that is forever arising within. The emergence of this creative energy happens ceaselessly and is none other than the emergence of your authentic nature, your uniqueness.  The German philosopher and mystic Meister Eckhart wrote: “God is a great underground river that no one can dam up and no one can stop.”

4. Union / Integration

When you bring your attention inward through meditation and creativity, you open up to the great dark dome inside, you unite the personal and transpersonal aspects of yourself. To create, that is, to bring something out of the realm of what does not exist into the realm of what does exist requires a union of opposites. You have one foot in everything and the other in nothingness as you remain receptive to the creative energy within. In this way, known and unknown, fullness and nothingness, conscious and unconscious, male and female, human and divine become one.  The poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”

5. Allowing

When we stay open to the creative energy emerging in us, we start to allow life in all its forms to enter our field of consciousness. We dissolve the tendency to push away what’s unpleasant. Instead, allow means to receive “all” including the “ow” – meaning staying open to the parts of ourselves that might hurt but still need healing. The psychotherapist and expert on trauma Peter Levine wrote: “We humans have the natural capacity to “thaw” these frozen moments [of trauma], and move on with our lives.”

6. Imagination

The ability to imagine is the potent spiritual power of creating. The most basic, most elemental link to the spirituality of creativity is the image. It is the image that creates. It is the image that becomes manifest. It is the image that sooner or later becomes reality. The depth psychotherapist Robert Avens once wrote: “Imagination is reality; reality is imagination.” 

When you practice Creation Meditation (meditation combined with creativity as a spiritual practice) you become more and more intimate with the creative energy arising in you. You get to know yourself on progressively deeper levels. In this way, you can transform your life.


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