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Creation: The Living Shape of the World Within

I’m sure you’ve heard that we create our reality through the confines of our beliefs. As a beloved soul mentioned to me this weekend: belief = be lived.
Belief too is a way of seeing; belief is an image, the way we hold or compose the world from the inside. And through this particular perspective we bring the world into manifestation, uniquely expressing what lives within. 
Reality is the living shape of the world within. Just like an unfurling fern, the inner life reveals itself to the light of day. Creation Meditation is the beautiful spiritual practice of deepening your intimacy with Creation, expressing itself moment by moment as your life. 
So, I invite you to explore this week: what image stays with you?  what image appears again and again on your inner landscape? what image might be crafting the corners of your life?  And, does this image limit or lift you?
“Imagination is reality; reality is imagination.”
 – Robert Avens