Creation Meditation Is a Spiritual Practice of Reuniting with Nature

Creation Meditation Is a Spiritual Practice of Reuniting with Nature

Do you appreciate resting attention inward and becoming ever more aware of who you are?  “Meditation,” wrote Swami Sivananda, “is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal Awareness.”

Creation Meditation is a spiritual practice of cultivating this kind of awareness. First, in silent meditation, you can cultivate the ability to be a detached observer of all the activity that takes place inside. While accompanying the breath as it flows in and out of the body, you can become present with your experience. Growing the ability to rest in the eternal now, the present moment, is growing your eternal awareness.

In fact, CREATION Meditation is a practice of:

Cultivating and
Observation and allowing

Inquiry, observation and allowing Nature take place through the spiritual practice of creativity. Through creative expression, you can give birth to whatever passes through you moment by moment. You can explore, investigate, and inquire. Expressing what arises from within is a practice of:

Inquiry – being curious about your inner experience.
Observation – being the witness to your inner experience.
Allowing Nature – allowing all that is naturally arising inside to have its expression freely and with non-attachment.

As you make creativity your spiritual practice, the above sacred practices are enhanced by mimicking Nature itself. Here’s how:

1. Keep moving!
Nature is always in motion. The Earth forever spins and pivots; the planets ceaselessly circle the sun; the waves continue to crash on the shore; the grass grows endlessly towards the sky, your breath rises and falls, and the heart beats on and on and on. When you are creating, keep sliding your pen along the page; keep gliding your paintbrush along the canvas. Whatever creative tool you use, keep your creativity in motion!

2. Move from inner to outer!
Nature moves from the darkness of the inner world to the light of day. Just as a newborn baby emerges from the dark womb of the mother and just as the Earth gives birth to trees and grass and flowers from the darkness of her soil, give birth to what arises from the darkness of the world within. By giving outer expression to your inner experience you carve out a riverbed for the Great River of God to flow.

3. Continue to give birth!
Nature is ceaselessly emerging. Waves are always lifting into form and curling over; clouds are always shaping into existence; thoughts are forever forming in the mind. It seems there is a constant motion of things coming into and out of existence. When a thing – whether it is a cloud, a wave, a breath, a thought, a feeling, or a sensation in the body – comes into existence it moves from a place of no-thing to something. It moves from emptiness to fullness. This movement from nothing to something, from formlessness to form, from emptiness to fullness is ceaseless. When you create, stand on the edge of nothing and everything, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious and give birth, that is, give expression to all that arises.

Creation Meditation is a practice of spiritual union with Nature. To feel the power of your Creativity and the joy of your Divinity, create. Become intimate with the power that is arising in you.


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