The Powers that Unite Us: Creativity, Sexuality, and the Imagination

What is presented in this course reflects a worldview that could be described as indigenous. It is a way of seeing and experiencing the world through cycles, circles, and the sacred. It is a way of knowing the world other than the intellect, such as through the heart, through soul, through poetry and intuition. Through the indigenous way, we experience life as one fluid whole; as a self-perfecting, complete, living entity; as one intelligent body of Creation.

The Western mind teaches us to compartmentalize Life into pieces and view the world through the lens of logic. For this reason, it might at first feel strange to bring together our experiences of creativity, sexuality, and the imagination. It might feel like a stretch to say that these three aspects of Life have anything in common.

Yet, deeply exploring each of these and recognizing them as an expression of one intelligent force can reveal profound insights that are necessary for healing and maturing the collective experience and understanding of Life.

Benefits You Can Expect When You Take This Course:

  • Uncover a simple truth about your own mind that reveals the abundance of Life.
  • Learn the 10 traits that creative, sexual, and imaginal (imagination) energy have in common.
  • Discover how the sexual, creative, and imaginal energy unite all of us.
  • Uncover other insights that reveal themselves once seeing sexuality, creativity, and imagination as one.
  • Connect with an indigenous way of seeing Life and the cosmos.
  • Learn and experience spiritual practices that can support becoming more intimate with the intelligence of Life.
  • Learn how you can uncover your unique path and purpose.
  • Discover how you can allow more Life through you. 
  • Learn what is natural for you and your life.
  • Get to know yourself on deeper and deeper levels.

This course may be healing for you if you experience the following:

  • you crave for a deeper experience of life
  • you’re looking for a direction, a destiny, a dream
  • you know there’s something more to life, but not sure how to find it
  • you have difficulty being yourself around others
  • you feel stuck in a controlling relationship, job, or life circumstance
  • shame and guilt are familiar emotions
  • you feel powerless and not sure how to feel more powerful

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