Painting Meditation: A Creation Meditation Course for Painters & Artists

“Creativity has the liveliness and intelligence of nature.”

– Michele Cassou

This course guides you into the deep practice of Creation Meditation using painting as the primary experience. Creation Meditation is a practice of exploring consciousness. It is a spiritual practice that invites your attention inward to express yourself from deeper and deeper parts of your being. Specifically, in this course, you’ll use your inner images, and other subtle inner experiences, as tools to know yourself more intimately. As you go inward, you may uncover the authentic expression that is uniquely yours to express.

Woven into this course are quotes from Michele Cassou, author of Painting from the Source. You’ll find her words threading the lessons of this course together.  The course provides specific steps and supportive suggestions to begin and deepen your painting, while transforming your creative experiences into a fulfilling spiritual practice. It includes instructions for meditation and how to use your inner images for exploration and spiritual deepening. If you were to begin and commit to this practice, it can lead to an ever-deepening and conscious participation with the way Creation is arising through you and as you.


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