The Power of the Life Force: Exploring 9 Traits of Vital Energy

Repression, or the stifling of expression, is both a collective and individual problem. Collectively, this can be seen in the destruction of Earth, extinction of species, starving children, violence against women, social inequalities, and more. Individually, this wound can be seen in the inability to be yourself, depression, anxiety, fear, self-sabotage, self-criticism, anger, lack of purpose, and powerlessness. Repression results from a particular level of consciousness, one that could be described as patriarchal and relies upon reason, logic, and the law.

Generations of collective repression have left many people with an internalized judge or critic and patterns of shame and self-sabotage. These wounds, like all individual wounds, are embedded in collective ones. To help heal these wounds, it’s important first that we understand ourselves more deeply. To do that, this course presents you with a new view of what it means to be human. You’ll also learn exercises (at the end of each section) as well as a spiritual practice that facilitates the expression of yourself from deeper and deeper parts of your being. This practice can help bring into existence the unique aspect of Creation that is you. In this course, you’ll taste life as one fluid whole, as a self-perfecting, complete expression, as one intelligent body of Creation.

Benefits You Can Expect When You Take This Course:

  • Learn 9 important traits of the life force.
  • Uncover a simple truth about your own mind that reveals the abundance in you.
  • Discover your inherent union with divinity.
  • Connect with a way of seeing life and the cosmos as one sacred body of Creation.
  • Learn a spiritual practice that can help you see the beauty and intelligence of Life. 
  • Learn how you can uncover your unique path and purpose.
  • Discover how you can allow more life and more love through you.
  • Learn what is natural for you and your life.
  • Get to know yourself more deeply.

Your Experience in the Course:

This course has a total of 12 sections which are divided into lessons. The course begins with Welcome section and an Introduction. Next, you’ll see 9 sections which are named according to the 9 traits, and then a Closing section. Each section has a video with the instructor, two or three lessons of text, a summary, healing exercises, and a closing. At the end of each section, find a PDF containing all the information and exercises of that section. What will you gain? Wisdom. That is, a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and the world. The exercises at the end of each section can also facilitate an experiential (versus purely intellectual) understanding of the material shared here. Finally, at the end of the course, you’ll also be introduced to a spiritual practice that can deepen your experience and understanding of the vital power arising in you and as you.

This course may be healing for you if:

  • you’re looking for a direction, a destiny, a dream
  • you know there’s something more to life, but not sure how to find it
  • you have difficulty being yourself around others
  • you feel stuck in a controlling relationship, job, or life circumstance
  • shame, guilt, and fear are familiar emotions
  • you feel powerless and not sure how to feel more powerful
  • you crave for a deeper experience of life

Your Instructor: Adriana Attento is a licensed psychotherapist. She is also the spiritual teacher and practitioner of Creation Meditation – a spiritual practice that deepens your intimacy with the intelligent life force arising within you. Adriana is the author of three books including A Holy Nothingness: Writing Toward God.


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