The Power of Life: Exploring 9 Traits of the Life Force

This course takes a deep look at the life force. We explore 9 traits of the intelligent life power behind the physical and psychological making of you. We begin with a simple trait of the human mind that points directly to the inexhaustible fountain of the Self within. Developing an inner intimacy with this generative power is a profound spiritual practice, which can reveal that the life force creating you is the very same power you use to create.

The exploration we go on in this course facilitates a deeper understanding of what life is and what it means to be human. To do this, each section highlights an essential traits of the life force. These traits are:

  • Emerging (from within)
  • Vital Energy (or vitality)
  • Autonomous
  • Abundant
  • Intelligent
  • Generative
  • Timeless
  • Sacred
  • Self-Expressive

Each section has a video with the instructor, two or three related lessons, a summary, exercises to experience (and not just understand) what you’ve learned, and a closing. At the end of each section, a PDF containing all the information and exercises of that section is included and available for download. The course closes with a summary and resources. If interested, opportunities for further study will also be provided in the closing section.

Benefits You Can Expect When You Take This Course:

  • Learn 9 important qualities of the life force – the life you’re living and embodying now.
  • Uncover a simple truth about human life that reveals its inherent union with Divinity.
  • Connect with a way of seeing life and the cosmos as one sacred body of Creation.
  • Learn how an intimacy with your life can slowly reveal your unique path.
  • Learn how you can gently allow more life (and power) through you.
  • Discover the inherent abundance and intelligence in life.
  • Discover that the same qualities of the divine (to create and destroy) exist in you.
  • Learn a spiritual practice that will allow you to continue to develop what you learn in this course.

This course may be for you if:

  • you’re looking for direction in life
  • you know there’s something more to life, but not sure how to find it
  • you want a deeper, richer experience of life
  • you want to understand yourself more deeply
  • you want to have a greater understanding of (and therefore take more responsibility for) your life
  • you have difficulty being yourself around others
  • you feel powerless and not sure how to feel more powerful
  • you want to discover more of your unique gifts and talents
  • you want to express more of yourself
  • you want to feel more aligned with a greater purpose

Your Instructor: Adriana Attento is a licensed psychotherapist. She is the spiritual teacher and practitioner of Creation Meditation – a spiritual practice that deepens your intimacy with the intelligent life force arising within you. Adriana is the author of three books,  including A Holy Nothingness: Writing Toward God.


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