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Christ: The Embodiment of Creation

Sure, entering the darkness might feel dangerous, especially when it’s the darkness of you. You might see your own worms and warts and decay. You might see the rotten Earth of yourself. 

Yet, shining the light of awareness inward is the most compassionate, the most loving, most Christ-like thing you can do. As you go within, you become like Christ, redeeming your own dark feminine. As He said in the Gospel of Thomas, “What you bring forward from within you will save you.” 

Going deep within your own earthiness, crawling into the caves of your mind and heart means digging up your darkness and allowing it to be a part of the fullness of Creation as You.For the Holiness of Christ is this: One Flowing River of Creation, both fully in the uncreated and created, in the unmanifest and the manifest, in the world of flesh and in the realm of Image.

Christ is the Model of the Mystery, an Embodiment of Earth and Heaven. Although He is not in the flesh as he was 2000 years ago, He is in the wombs of women, in the hearts of men, and little by little, He is being born again in the very flesh of each of us.