The Sacred Black Madonna | Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC)

The Sacred Black Madonna

You know who she is.

And somewhere, deep inside, you know she’s rising up from within you. She is the sacred, the holy, Black Madonna.

As Madonna, she is a mother, a symbol for the great and pregnant void, the nothingness from which all form arises. She is black because she represents all that is dark – the mysterious, the unknown, and the great unfurling you must go through to find your lost and forgotten self. She represents the darkness of winter, the black night, death and the unconscious.

As she rises up from within you, give her your attention. She is there to teach and heal. She will encourage you to create and use the creative-sexual energy of the cosmos. She will say, “You can heal yourself.” She will bring with her the long-awaited opportunity to see and accept the part you keep pushing away. Above all, she will point the way for you to finally see the world as a living, breathing Whole.