What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality - The Spiritual JourneyReligion has served a great purpose. It provides a belief system and practices such as prayer and reflection in order to touch upon a Higher Power. However, religion has also been incredibly destructive. And for this reason, many people are turning away from religion and asking the question, What is Spirituality?

Religion provides the structure to participate in spirituality. It can give you a place to go every Sunday, a place where you might feel love and appreciation among others who are attending the service that day. Yet, for some, this simply isn’t enough. Religion isn’t answering the big questions in a way that’s satisfying. It’s not meaningful or fulfilling enough.

What’s interesting is that religion is a great beginning because it’s a door into spirituality. Spirituality is simply the practice of developing a relationship with soul, with the part of you that’s beyond your every day to-do list and chores. It’s what you’re already doing when you’re praying, reflecting on life, meditating, walking in Nature, or asking those big questions, like “What is the my path in life?”

The Spirituality of Going Within

There are many ways to practice spirituality, but in general there is only one great practice that can bring joy, love, healing, and change, and that is the practice of going within. There are no scriptures to read, no dogma to follow, no time of the day to bow down in devotion. There’s only making the great turn of attention. You see, when you bring the light of your awareness inward, the mind will begin to change. When the warmth and energy of your awareness Рlike a great sun Рshines inward on a regular basis, boundaries dissolve, life emerges, and awakening happens.

Going within is like taking a step into the underground, that black and fertile place that sustains and supports your life. You see, when you turn towards the inner world, you will find that thoughts, ideas, sensations, dreams, feelings, moods, and most of all images, are forever being born in you, are always being created in you. If you were to build a relationship with that inner fountain, you would indeed come to discover that that life power is yours to use, to become intimate with, and to revere – as the great adage goes “To know thyself is to know God.”

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