The Sacred, Holy, Creative
Energy of the Cosmos

Creative Energy - Divine Light

There is only One energy here.

Even though we are miles apart. Even though you and I are in two different worlds, separate in time and space, we share the same energy. We are bathing in a vitality that connects us. Though we forget, though it feels like we are lonely beings in a world that carries on without us, we are utterly connected and intimately in union.

This energy, this vitality, is the intelligence that animates everything, the connecting bridge between us. It is none other than the universal life force. It is the alive, moving, shifting energy that brings this reality into being and animates it from birth to death. The very essence of who you are is this vitality. The whole of you, right now, is operating because of a sacred intelligence, a holy energy that animates this One Life.

If you’d like to create, if you’d like to get to know your creative energy, try cultivating an inner state similar to the famous cinematographer, Ingmar Bergman, whenever he conceived of a new film. “It is a mental state,” he said, “abounding in fertile associations and images. Most of all, it is a brightly colored thread sticking out of the dark sack of the unconscious. If I begin to wind up this thread, and do it carefully, a complete film will emerge.”

The state of mind that Bergman describes is like sitting on the shoreline within. Imagine the shoreline, the place where the ocean and the land merge, as a symbol for where the unconscious and conscious minds come together or where unknown and known meet. To cultivate this state of mind, that is to reach the inner shoreline, become receptive and listen for the intelligent unfolding of the creative process. As inspiration appears, there may be a feeling of uneasiness and awkwardness because it is risky to follow the unknown. You never know what will happen. Yet, by doing so, you become a vessel through which the divine can flow. The intelligence of the transpersonal becomes one with the personal, allowing a new birth to emerge.

This same process is true for healing. When your mind is creative and attention is resting on the bridge between known and unknown, healing can take place. Because it is in this place, where the opposites of you, the light and dark, the repressed and free, the pain and pleasure, can also find union. Your suffering, the extent of your pain, is a direct result of pushing parts of yourself away. Not liking this or that in you, not wanting one thought while liking another, repressing one part of you while revealing others is the cause of suffering. It is this split, this severing that causes pain, loneliness, and loss.

Yet, staying open to the unknown and tending to the “brightly colored thread” can lead to the opportunity of facing and accepting what you’ve always pushed away. It can lead to an experience of embracing what you’ve rejected. When there is no longer any part of you pushing away, when there is no more hiding or shaming or repressing, then wholeness can take place and finally the fullness of your radiant self can shine.

When you become conscious of what is hidden in you, when you wake up to the parts of yourself that you were once rejecting, you change your inner and outer reality. Only then, you will have full access to your creative energy. The powerful creative force uses everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

As more and more of us heal and become whole, together we can create a new world. Together, we can bring forward a future that sees and reveres this life as a creative expression of the One.