YOU: A Channel For the Cosmos

The one constant in life is change. Each day brings new circumstances at work and home, shifting dynamics among friends and family members, unpredictable financial situations, fluctuating clouds in the sky, shifting weather patterns, and more. To be alive is to experience and adapt to change.

Often as a reaction to change, we hold on to certainty, those things in life that feel rooted and hopefully won’t change, at least not any time soon. For instance, job titles, money in the bank, loyal friendships, marriage certificates, and even the car one drives can bring a feeling of security. At the same time, the absence of these things can bring on feelings of insecurity.

Whether we feel secure or insecure, change continues to occur. For those who look within, change happens there too. Thoughts are forever coming and going. Emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, are rising and falling. Sensations and pain in the body appear and disappear. The breath ceaselessly enters and leaves the lungs. Even when we are sleeping, images in the form of dreams enter our consciousness and then, for many, leave only traces in the morning.

It seems there is a constant motion of things coming into and out of existence. The ceaseless change of reality points to the energy of creation forever taking place. Waves are always lifting, curling over and crashing on the shore. The ocean is always moving. When a thing – whether it is a cloud, a wave, a breath, a thought, a feeling, or a sensation in the body – comes into existence it moves from a place of no-thing to something. It moves from emptiness to fullness. This movement from nothing to something, from formlessness to form, from emptiness to fullness is ceaseless. This motion, this energy is always taking place and to participate in this movement consciously can be a spiritual practice of deep implication.

A practice of creativity can become a spiritual discipline and offer deep feelings of security more than any type of car, job title or amount of money in the bank would. One way to begin a creativity practice is through writing. The creative flow can be cultivated in the following way. First, write out your surface thoughts. Simply write out the thoughts that have stayed with you the last few days, and in a sense, let them go by writing them out. Next, there may be some deeper emotions or thoughts that have been driving your mental state. You may want to get these down in order to clear your mind and create space for mental clarity. Once you feel like you’ve done what artist and writer Julia Cameron calls the “brain drain”, step into the present moment. Feel and listen for all the sounds, scents, and sensations that are coming into existence as you write. This practice alone – writing what is happening in the present moment – can free the mind of mental chatter and bring awareness to a more expansive state of consciousness.

Now, that you’ve created space in your mind and you are receptive to the creative flow, welcome everything that is happening within and around you as part of the ceaseless motion of life. Allow everything to be exactly as it is. As you continue to write, give your inner world non-judgmental expression by simply writing out what is happening within moment by moment. If an angry thought arises, release it by jotting it down. If feelings of shame appear, let it come through you by writing it out. Allow all of life to pass through you regardless of what your mind may think is right or wrong. Creating this nonjudgmental attitude about what surfaces inside creates inner freedom and allows more and more of the universe to flow through.

As your inner world widens and as your judging mind softens, you become connected to the universal flow. In this way, you become a vessel, a channel for the cosmos and its supreme intelligence. By staying connected to your creative flow, you may also become familiar with the unfolding of your particular life. You may become acquainted with your path, your purpose, and your particular role in the unfolding creation of the universe. Whether you choose to start (or already have) a practice of creativity through writing, dancing, making music, painting, or sculpting, the wisdom of your life is waiting for you. The spiritual intelligence found in the creative flow will not only bring your own chosen path into fruition, it will also help the manifestation of the world. As an agent of the universe, you can help bring the future forward.