The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity

The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) has provided opportunity for spiritual practice since 2010. We were recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit organization in May 2015. As a nonprofit, FSPC maintains a profile with Guidestar and earned a Gold Seal of Transparency in 2022.

Our mission is to facilitate spiritual and psychological growth. We envision a world in which psycho-spiritual growth is not a luxury only some can afford, but an essential part of wellness available to all. With this as our mission, we also operate Ventura Community Counseling, a community mental health center in Ventura, CA.


In 2010, Barbara Marx Hubbard, a leader in Evolutionary Spirituality, recognized the practice of Creation Meditation:

“This seminal approach to meditation as the deep activation of our creativity, our access to divine imagination and manifestation is one of the most important approaches to meditation that I have recently encountered. It guides us toward co-creation and full participation in the conscious evolution of ourselves and the world. A vital practice and approach to spiritual evolution for us all.”