The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) teaches a spiritual practice, called Creation Meditation, that deepens your relationship with your creative power, reconnects you with the intelligence of life, and facilitates the awakening of you as consciousness.

The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) began with an inner impulse to serve. In 2010, we started by providing services to the community of Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our founder, Adriana Attento, facilitated workshops there on the healing power of creativity and how it might be used as a spiritual practice. At that time, recognizing the similarities between 1) the practice of contemplative Tantra and 2) creativity as a spiritual practice, Adriana called her workshops Creative Tantra. 

However, the lack of familiarity with the deeper principles of Tantra among the general public prompted the decision to call the spiritual practice now taught by the Foundation: Creation Meditation.  

Between 2011 and 2013, workshops and retreats were offered in various parts of California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Arizona that provided opportunities for spiritual practice, including meditation and. creativity.

In 2014, Adriana and three other women began the process of creating a nonprofit organization, recognizing the need to honor the practice of Creation Meditation and house it within a business structure known for service and public benefit. In May of 2015, the Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity was officially recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit, public charity organization. Since then, FSPC has continued to provide opportunity for spiritual practice and facilitate in others the spiritual journey towards realizing consciousness.


In 2010, Creation Meditation was recognized by Barbara Marx Hubbard, a leader in Evolutionary Spirituality:

“This seminal approach to meditation as the deep activation of our creativity, our access to divine imagination and manifestation is one of the most important approaches to meditation that I have recently encountered. It guides us toward co-creation and full participation in the conscious evolution of ourselves and the world. A vital practice and approach to spiritual evolution for us all.”

“Adriana’s far-seeing gaze speaks of volumes of what she has to offer the world. Allow yourself to open to Spirit and let Adriana guide you. Take advantage of her services and learn from her calm, centered way of being.  “

Nancy - Columbia, MD

“I had the privilege of working closely with Adriana for three weeks. Combining her knowledge of psychology, philosophy, and spiritual practices, she took me on a remarkable journey which led to profound insights about myself, my life, and my direction.”

Marilyn - British Columbia, Canada

“Adriana, you are definitely helping with the healing. It practically radiates from you.”

John - Hawaii

FSPC earned a 2021 Silver Seal! We are committed to transparency and can be easily contacted through our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.

What FSPC has to offer?

We are committed to providing opportunities for spiritual practice that facilitate the spiritual journey. Toward this end, you will find articles, books, a free Creation Meditation course, and other courses to facilitate your ongoing journey.

Creation Meditation is a Spiritual Practice of:

  • cultivating awareness
  • observing life as it is, without changing it
  • dis-identifying with the separate self
  • studying the microcosm (your inner world) in order to realize the macrocosm (the universe)
  • deepening your relationship with the unknown
  • developing the ability to experience that which is subtle
  • recognizing who you really are
  • allowing Nature or your natural self to emerge
  • inquiry, leading to the source of the separate self and finding out that it too is a mere expression of a greater Intelligence

We are here to support your spiritual journey.

The practice of Creation Meditation is an opportunity to shine the light of your attention inward, and in doing so, transform consciousness. The spiritual practice of Creation Meditation includes meditation and creative expression.