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10 Reasons Why Your Creativity Is ESSENTIAL Now!

10 Reasons Why Your Creativity is ESSENTIAL at This Time in History

1. Creativity is what you are doing right now – whether you know it or notDeepening your relationship with the power of your creative energy facilitates living consciously and powerfully.

2. Creativity can lead you deeper and deeper into the fullness of who you are – both your light and your darkness!  Creativity facilitates the sacred dance between the dynamic forces of opposites, allowing you to hold the balance of both. Using the dark rather than being used by it is the essence of pure creativity and spiritual mastery.

3. Creativity honors life!  When you are creative, you allow and accept life moving through you, in all its forms – ideas, images, thoughts, feelings, visions. Allowing is a quality of the new consciousness that loves and reveres life, in its many manifestations. Rather than criticism, judgment, and rejection, loving and honoring the life energy in all its forms is our deepest calling!

4. Creativity honors the feminine!  In a time where we are learning to honor the feminine and find our masculine/feminine balance, creativity requires being receptive, open, allowing, loving, and heart-centered. Creativity restores this balance, bringing inner harmony and wholeness.

5. Being creative means being empowered!  Staying connected to the many ways in which the intelligence of life moves through you keeps you in your power, in your authenticity, and in your passion!

6. Creativity leads you to the consciousness of abundance.  With openness and receptivity, we are connected to the One source from which of all ideas, images, feelings, and all inner experiences emerge.  Being cut off from and unaware of this source is precisely what has created a consciousness of scarcity for the last 2000 years.

7. Creativity immediately accesses the intuitive intelligence of your heart. Your intuition deepens as you listen for each piece of creative direction. Following that inner knowing calls forward more intuition, more wisdom, more knowing, and strengthens your connection with that intelligence inherent in the heart.

8. Creativity sharpens your most powerful tool – attention. To create, your attention must rest on the inner landscape. When your attention focuses inward, it becomes an alchemical tool.  Under the alchemical light of awareness, all inner experiences – light and dark – become pure creative power and energy.  Focused attention is the alchemy that transforms the dark into energy that can be used for you instead of against you.

9. Creativity requires a dialogue with the unknown. That dialogue between known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, your humanity and your divinity facilitates transformation and growth. That great unknown within is the very ground of being from which life emerges. It is the holy center from which your guiding intelligence is born.   With this sort of dialogue, union can happen with the deepest part of who you are, your humanity and divinity as One.

10. Creativity is the spiritual practice of union.  In an age where we are awakening to the Oneness of all of life, creativity facilitates this shift in consciousness. The very act of being creative requires a union of opposites: male and female, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious must become one in order to bring something new into the light of the world. Being creative means facilitating inner union and humanity’s awakening of Oneness.