Discover the ancient power of your creativity.

What We Do

The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity teaches a spiritual practice that deepens your relationship with your creative power, reconnects you with the intelligence of life, and facilitates the awakening of you as consciousness.

Creative Energy

Creation is the energy, the life-giving force that keeps the universe in motion. It is the power that keeps all of Nature moving, shifting, and unfolding in a variety of magnificent ways. And it is the power that is animating your entire existtence.

Life Energy

Creation is happening right now, across dimensions of time, and through and as the human being. Fundamentally, an individual does not exist as a separate being, but rather as an indivisible expression of what connects all of us, the underlying, interconnected sacred and generative field of nothingness.

Sexual Energy

From this inner field of no-thing-ness, an exquisite vitality emerges. We know this vitality as life itself. It is holy. It is abundant. And yes, it is sexual.


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“I have had an amazing week in my inner journey; I don’t  know if it is related to this writing meditation course – I’m sure it is – I just feel like I have an awareness of things and REALLY feel like I am so in touch with my authentic self. Amazing really, I feel like I have opened up some well of inspiration.”

Sharni, Australia