In Nature, the ceaseless motion of Life is easy to notice. The wind, for example, is always blowing. Leaves are always swaying in the breeze, changing color, and appearing and disappearing with the seasons. Waves are always lifting, curling over and crashing on the shore. The ocean is always rising and falling. Clouds form their shape, gather moisture and then release their gifts to the Earth, while the river runs its never-ending path to the sea. Our planet is always spinning and revolving. The galaxy is ceaselessly expanding, and the Sun is forever shining its brilliance into the far reaches of the dark. Life is always in motion and forever Creation unfolds.

The same is true in the life of a human being. External circumstances continue to unfold. Changes in relationships, finances, security, sleep patterns, health, and other aspects of one’s life continue to change. At the same time, internal events also ceaselessly emerge. Thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, memories, new ideas, and old belief patterns enter and leave our consciousness throughout the day. There is a constant motion of things coming into and out of existence. The ceaseless change of reality points to the Life energy forever arising. When something comes into existence, it moves from a place of no-thing to some-thing. It moves from emptiness to fullness.

This movement from nothing to something, from formlessness to form, from emptiness to fullness never ends. This motion, this energy, this arising of what we call reality, is Life.


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Creation Meditation is a spiritual practice that combines meditation and mindful creativity. It is meant to open you, deepen you, and connect you to your own life energy. It is meant to reunite you with your essence. It’s completely free. And you can begin right now.

Introductory Creation Meditation Course


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Deep Writing: Finding the Life within You

Deep Writing: Experience the Life Within You – (Seven Weeks)

“The river that flows in you also flows in me.” – Kabir

This course is designed to guide you in using writing as the primary tool to connect with your inner experience, to access your inner wisdom, and most importantly, to connect with the river of Creation. The course provides specific steps and supportive suggestions to begin and deepen a writing practice. It includes instructions for meditation, how to use the Socratic method in your inner exploration, and how to get the answers you’re looking for. In this course, you will learn how to empty yourself of yourself, how to become a conduit for Creativity, and how to access the wisdom you need from within. If you were to begin and commit to this practice, it can lead to an ever-deepening, alchemical transformation. Email and, if needed, phone support is provided throughout the duration of the course.

Week 1- Setting the Structure and the Stage for your Practice
Week 2- Getting Empty and Staying Receptive
Week 3- Re-creating Yourself as the Holy Conduit to Creation
Week 4- Allowing: Getting to Know the “All” and “Ow” of Allow
Week 5- Emotions – Energy in Motion
Week 6- Images – Energy as Intelligence
Week 7- Supporting Your Writing Meditation Practice

Course participants should plan on spending at least 2 hours each week reading the discourse and completing the exercises. To begin, register for Deep Writing by clicking on the button below.



The Tao of YOU

The Tao of YOU – (Seven Weeks)

“We are part of a cosmic evolutionary movement that inspires us to unite with God.”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Around 16 billion years ago, something happened. A birth of light and energy, the start of something miraculous occurred – the universe was born! Over thousands and thousands of years, that energy, that creative explosion, continued to grow and expand and it created more and more of itself. Planets, moons, stars, galaxies, comets, suns, and dark matter came into being. The creative impulse that gave birth to the universe continues to create life right now in this moment. The breath, waves, clouds, thoughts, images, bodily sensations, ideas, visions, moods, and a host of other forms of phenomena are coming into and out of existence right here and now.

So, what does this creative energy have to do with you?  Well, you are a part of that expanding process that started 16 billion years ago – AND your role in that unfolding has something to do with helping the universe expand even more, helping the cosmos grow even more. By becoming creative, by opening yourself to the creative flow, you reconnect with the power of the Tao and discover how the universe is expanding and wants to expand through you!

The intent behind this course is to get you in touch with the creative life energy of the cosmos. More specifically, it is designed to connect you with the unique way the creative force is flowing through you. It was crafted to get your creative juices flowing and open a channel within you to allow the fullness of YOU to shine through.

This is an advanced course requiring a regular practice of meditation and creativity.

Week 1- Turn Around: Finding the River of Creation
Week 2- Letting Go of Yourself to Find Yourself
Week 3- Softening the Mind and Opening the Heart
Week 4- Expanding with the Cosmos
Week 5- The Inner Image – the Power of the Tao
Week 6- Getting to Know Your Unique Expression of Creation
Week 7- Supporting The Tao of YOU

“This course supported me in settling my mind so I could tap into the well spring of creative flow within; and more importantly to begin to trust it more and more — to know that whatever is happening in the moment is the gold I am looking for!” – Samantha, CA

Each week for seven weeks, you will receive an email with information on that week’s lesson as well as a list of exercises. Course participants should plan on spending at least 2 hours per week reading the discourse and completing the exercises. To begin, register for The Tao of YOU course by clicking on the button below.


The Imagination and the Heart

The Imagination and the Heart- (Seven Weeks)

The heart is not the seat of one’s emotional life but an organ of spiritual perception.” – Cynthia Bourgeault

The imagination is the primary means through which Creation delivers its message to us! It is through those subtle, soft and sacred experiences that the Intelligent voice of the Universe makes itself known. This course will carry you deeper into a relationship with both the imagination and the intelligence of your heart. It will invite you to explore your inner images and use the skills that only the Sage in you has access to. It will encourage you to bring Creation forward by exploring the deepest way in which Creation comes through you. As Robert Avens once wrote, “Imagination is reality; reality is imagination.” Help bring the future forward by playing with the images you possess – past, present and future.

This is an advanced course requiring a regular practice of meditation and creativity.

Week 1- First things First: Turn towards the Beginning
Week 2- Getting to Know the Sage in You

Week 3- Practicing and Deepening the Skills of Your Sage
Week 4- Accessing and Participating in the Dream’s Spiral

Week 5- The Eyes of the Heart: Using Your Images to Speak the Language of Eternity
Week 6- Re-Visioning the Entire Story of YOU: Past, Present, and Future
Week 7- Supporting You as the Sage

This course took me on a trip of a lifetime! – Bob, CA

Each week for seven weeks, you will receive an email with information on that week’s lesson as well as a list of exercises. Course participants should plan on spending up to 2 hours per week reading and completing the exercises. To begin, register for A Meditation on the Imagination and the Heart  by clicking on the button below.


Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor, and YOU!
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Creativity: Waking Up to the Holiness of Life
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The Inner Shoreline: Writing Prompts for Exploring the Sacred World Within
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“The world you perceive is made of consciousness; what you call matter is consciousness itself.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Profound self-knowledge is knowledge of God.”

– John Baldock, The Alternative Gospel