Introductory Creation Meditation Course

 “We may worry about death but what hurts the soul most is to live without tasting the water of its own essence.” – Rumi


Click on the links below to get started. Take your time. Go through this course slowly. If you want to remake yourself, you will. Meditation and reuniting with your own life energy will help you do that.



Welcome to an introduction of Creation Meditation. This course is inviting you to sink into the innermost realms of your soul. It will offer you tools, guidelines, and a container so that you can taste the water of your essence. It is there, within the realms of soul, where you will find the great river of Creation – the energy and intelligence that is creating your life.

This online course is designed to support you in establishing a daily practice. It is meant to help you discover for yourself the benefits it brings. The links below will guide you through each part of the course. May this practice open doors to your own wisdom and connect you with yourself again. May it help to transform not only your life, but also the lives around you.

Creation Meditation is a practice that is meant to wake up the life in you. It is meant to stimulate your power and passion. In a busy, outward-focused world, it’s easy to lose touch with yourself. It’s easy to disconnect from the dynamic river of vitality within. A long term separation from your own life energy can lead to anxiety, depression, low self-worth, addiction, and disease. The purpose of this spiritual practice is to reunite you with the intelligence of the life force. It is meant to reunite you with your own essential nature.

You should know that this is a self-paced course. Feel free to explore parts of this course at your own speed, and refer back it as frequently as you need to. This course is meant to facilitate forming a daily practice. If you can do that, your life will be rebuilt upon the principles that you take into your heart. In your meditation (and you’ll read more about that soon), you’ll put your attention on the breath, which is itself the life force. Or you can put attention on words that speak directly to the spiritual light that is within. You’ll read more about meditation soon.

With this course, it is our intention to provide an opportunity for you to practice for 30 days, with the idea that you would be experimenting with Creation Meditation each day during the week. A daily practice of meditation and creativity together will bring immense benefits. Thirty days should provide enough time for you to see those benefits in your life.

You may want to return to this course each day to refresh yourself on some the pointers that will help guide your practice. Once you’ve got the structure for your practice integrated into your day, you may want to return to this course for inspiration, reminders, and renewal in your effort to develop a daily practice.

In the next part, you’ll read about the basics. These basic points are like grounded and embedded stones on the cobblestone path inward. By taking each step consciously and deliberately, the path inward will become clear. It will be the foundation that supports your relationship with soul, dipping into the river of Creativity, and finding your full authentic expression.

Spiritual JourneyMeditation will open doors inside. It will open the heart, generate power, and bring you in touch with the unique path that is yours to blaze. At the same time, it may be difficult. Spiritual practice can be challenging. Yet, the journey of meditation is a powerful one, one that can bring incredible gifts. If you can stay with it, if you can allow yourself to unfold, you will experience new and refreshing gifts in your life.
Are you ready? Let’s begin!

The Basics

To begin, we need a container. Just like the wind that blows powerfully through the canyons or the river that streams effortlessly along a riverbed, the creative energy increases when it has a container through which to flow. The following will outline the container for this course, and ultimately your daily practice.

However, first, in order to get in touch with yourself, in order to find the life energy within, an inner dialogue must begin. There must be a relationship with the part of you that is revealing its wisdom and creativity. To begin this dialogue, you must look inward. That’s the very first step of this practice.

Once you look within, you will start to find yourself. On the inner plane, you’ll experience all the material that is creating your own life. All the ideas, feelings, images, memories, thoughts that give rise to the very life you are living. So, it might be useful to take a look in there and see what’s going on.

Looking Inward

When you look within and if you find nothing but a very busy, to-do list type of mind, you might find that it’s helpful to create space between those thoughts. And you can do this with meditation. A daily meditation practice will facilitate accessing deeper parts of you, parts of you that are wise and loving and accepting. As more space develops between your thoughts as a result of meditation, you might also want to get curious about what is arising in you. Discover what is taking place within you moment by moment. You can do this through creativity. Even if it is uncomfortable, see if you can give it expression anyway and see where it leads. The expression of what finally needs to be expressed will likely bring integration, insight, and love.  At the deepest level, expressing what arises in you can bring you to recognizing the part of you from which your life is arising. It can open you to great wisdom and freedom.

To hear more about this practice, watch the following video. Then, read about the two practices (creativity and meditation) that make up Creation Meditation.


The Practice

Creation Meditation is made up of two practices:

PageLines- stock-photo-an-isolated-silhouette-of-a-woman-in-meditation-lotus-pose-padmasana-71699359.jpgMeditation – 25 Minutes

Meditation sets the tone for quieting the mind and creates spaciousness for what is emerging in you. It helps to cultivate receptivity and an ability to hear your inner wisdom. Meditation also creates power, and it does this in two ways. First, it improves your focus and concentration, which itself is a power. When you shine the great light of your attention on something, you activate it. You bring life to it. Second, meditation reconnects you with the power that arises from your own inner resources. It wakes up the holy spark that lives within.

Meditation, although it can be challenging at first, can bring great benefits. If you can, meditate each day, and in the morning, upon rising is best. As best you can create a structure in your life so that you’re meditating for 25 minutes in the morning. If you need to work your way up to 25 minutes, you can do that too. Start with 5 minutes and add another 5 minutes each day until you’re meditating for 25 minutes each morning.

If you miss a day, no problem. Simply return again. In other courses, you’ll read about how starting again is in fact the very place where healing takes place in meditation. Simply, pick up where you left off.

  • New to Meditation: If you have never meditated before, take a short spiritual passage or mantra and use that as the focus of your attention throughout your meditation. This suggestion is offered to new meditation practitioners because words are easier for the mind to grasp and hold onto versus the breath. Simply repeat the passage or mantra again and again very slowly so that the words sink deep into your heart. When you find your attention straying, return to where you think left off. If you don’t remember where you left off, start from the beginning. To learn more about using a passage or a mantra for your focus in meditation, you may want to read Meditation: A Simple Eight-Point Program for Translating Spiritual Ideals Into Daily Life by Eknath Easwaran.

writingCreative Expression – 60 Minutes

At some point in the day – right after meditation would be best – give yourself one hour of creativity, using whatever medium that is appropriate for you. Simply give outer expression to your inner experience. You might need time to build up to an hour. If so, be creative each day, adding 10 minute increments to your practice until you reach 60 minutes.

For instance, if you’re brand new to meditation, on the first day of this practice, you may want to meditate first for five minutes and then create for 10 minutes. Each day, build your meditation practice by adding five minutes and build your creativity practice by adding 10 minutes until you reach 25 minutes for your meditation and 60 minutes for your creativity.

If you’re a dancer, a poet, or a painter, you might need to use free writing first as a means to get empty. (Read more about emptying later in this course.) If this is true for you, free write for about 15-20 minutes, letting go of the content resting on the surface of your mind. When you start to feel open and receptive, then move into your chosen creative method by giving expression to what is arising from within.

In the next section, read more about getting empty and other guidelines to discover the spiritual practice of creativity.


Guidelines for a practice can provide support and stability to the container we discussed above. A strong container, which these guidelines will help you create, is incredibly important, especially when the inner landscape feels chaotic. If you can follow these simple suggestions and make Creation Meditation a daily practice, you’ll feel more stable, more rooted in your life.  

  • Meditate in the same place at the same time of day. You’ll feel supported by staying consistent. For example, if you’ve been meditating consistently in the same place, at the same time, when you’re ready to meditate in that place again, something deep inside of you says, “Ahh, this is the time to go deep!” It’s as though a part of you prepares for the inner work you will do at that hour. Just showing up to your meditation cushion creates a sense of structure and being held.
  • Use the same creative method for your practice of creativity. When you appear before the notebook or the canvas or the dance floor time again, you begin to develop a special relationship with your chosen creative method. The notebook becomes a sacred and trustworthy friend. It becomes a spiritual companion on the path of inner exploration. Using the same creative modality helps to build trust and safety in your creative expression.
  • Make your creativity a meditation.Just as in meditation when you notice your attention not on your point of focus, and you gently return – the same is true with creativity. When you notice yourself looking out the window or for whatever reason not writing (or painting or dancing), simply return yourself to the page (or the canvas) and keep moving. Keep stroking paint along the canvas. Keep gliding the pen along the page. As much as possible, keep your hand moving across the page, even if you’re writing, “I don’t know what to write.” If you get stuck, use a detail from the present moment to get your writing process going again. What’s arising in the present moment is important – stay with it no matter how insignificant it might seem at first.
  • Get empty. In the beginning, write about the little things that bugged you. (If you’re a painter or dancer, you may want to use writing as your way to get empty.) Drop those surface thoughts and move on. Write about the conversation where you wish you said something differently. Write about what your co-worker said to you yesterday. Write about the dirty look you got from a good friend. Get it all off your chest. Ahhhh, now you can really sink in!
  • Create for process not product. Simply keep your attention inward and give outer expression to your inner experience. No matter what it is, keep giving expression to your inner experience.
  • Use the present moment. The truth is, in the beginning, there may not be anything to write or give expression to. Your thoughts might be the same old thoughts that are there every day. Your feelings might be the kind of feelings you don’t want others to know about. Your inner experience might be dry, dark, or depressed. Yet, the state of your inner world is so closely connected to your ability to give expression to it. The condition of your inner landscape is directly related to what you cling to and what you set free.   If nothing is present and your inner landscape feels dry, then start with the present moment. Life is always born in the NOW. What’s happening right now? Outside of you – is the sunlight is casting a red hue on your bedroom wall? Is the breeze brushing through your hair? Is the refrigerator humming? Inside of you – are you worried about how a conflict will get resolved? Are you excited by a new romance? Is your back itching from the tag on your shirt? Get specific. Shine the light of your focused attention upon what’s happening now! It doesn’t matter how small or big, how insignificant or important, how juicy or dry your inner experience is, just express it. Your loneliness, your shame, your love, your abundance, your exuberance, whatever is happening within, express it!
  • Ride the wave of emotions – energy in motion.When emotion surfaces – yes! Ride that wave. Shine the light of your attention (your most powerful tool) on it. Ask questions like why am I feeling this? What does it remind me of? What does it look like, feel like, taste like, smell like? Use all of your senses to dive into it and ride the wave of feeling. No need to identify with it – just explore as the witness, and feel the energy Life is offering you.
  • Witness An important step in all of this is becoming the witness. When you go within and begin to create, you will want to become like a reporter. Simply document what is going on inside, as though you were a scientist. Doing so helps to deepen the experience of being the witness to your inner world (a sense of nonattachment) versus identifying with any of it. There’s no need to identify, no need to exacerbate, no need to make things bigger than they are, simply write out what exists inside you. Your meditation practice can facilitate your ability to observe and witness versus become absorbed and react to your inner experience.

As you continue to let your attention rest on the inner world and give it expression, the energy inside may start to build. Your hand may start to swing from one end of the page to the other (if you’re writing). More and more thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, dream snippets, and bodily sensations may enter your field of consciousness. Continue to write it all out. Let the energy increase. The vitality that’s there will no longer be the reactions to everyday life, but instead an expansive sensation, an energy and intelligence offering you creative ideas and feelings of connection, ease, and timelessness. This is your creative flow! It’s precious. This is the fire and passion of your creativity!

It’s important to point out that the flow of your creativity isn’t necessarily what we’re after. Initially, it is! You’ll want to wake up that life power in you! You’ll want to reconnect with the creative force arising from within you! At the same time, one powerful benefit to this practice is the ability to use all that arises. Rather than reacting to the inner experience and feeling victimized by your own thoughts and feelings, you will begin to use all the various expressions of the inner life towards creating the life you want. All of it is energy! All of your inner experiences are like gold, a treasure to be used for you, not against you!

Tools for a Daily Practice

  “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” – Mary Oliver

You will need the following tools in order to best create a daily practice: 

  • A Quiet Place – Find a quiet place in which to meditate and create, one where you won’t be disturbed. You may want to cultivate a sense of soul, mystery, and depth in this place to facilitate your journey.
  • Creative Accouterments – Whatever creative medium you choose to use, be sure to have your tools for creativity ready. You might need more than one pen in case one runs out, and your notebook. You might need your paints and canvas and your color wheel. Or you might simply need your bare feet and space to dance. Whatever it is you need, gather those tools together. Then, give outer expression to your inner experience.
  • Attention – This is the most important and most powerful tool you will use in the course. I’m sure you’ve heard, “where your attention goes, energy flows.” To activate the creative flow, be willing to focus your attention. Be willing to marry your attention with your deep longing. Whatever you want to get out of this course, use your attention like an inner flashlight to find it within you. With focused attention, you can unleash a reservoir of energy- creative energy!

Attention is the very tool you use to make the two become one. Attention is the tension between the observer and the observed. Tan means to stretch, to weave, weaving of relationships, connecting the inner and outer. As attention becomes more refined, more focused, it can pick up subtler aspects of inner experience. It can deepen into the inner experience which is the very ground of being. It is the place from which creativity emerges. As attention becomes more and more refined, more of your creative power becomes available. 

  • Network of Support – This practice might be challenging at times. It’s important you have the support you need to feel safe. At first, it may not feel comfortable to feel something you haven’t allowed yourself to feel. Having a network of support around you can provide you with a sense of being held.

If you find that you don’t have the support you need, contact Support @ Creation Meditation dot com. We can answer questions, provide support, and be a listening ear.

Practice Today!

Now that you have the instructions, see if you can begin – why not try it right now? If you’re taking the time to go through this course, don’t just read it, start to put it into action. Begin to create a practice today!

No matter your circumstances, no matter what is going on around you! The inner life is a treasure chest of gold! Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes to explore the life within!  Take 15 minutes and begin now!

In fact, let’s go through meditation right now together. You can “act” out the following instructions. When you’ve gone through each of the following steps, return to this course for a review and some inspiration. 

  1. First, find a quiet place.
  2. Sit either in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, or in a seated position on the floor. Ideally, you want your hips higher than your knees to keep your back straight and your spine aligned with your hips and shoulders. To do this, sit on the edge of a cushion or yoga block.
  3. Put your hands in a comfortable, relaxed position.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. If you’re meditating on your breath, begin to relax your thoughts enough to find the breath that is naturally moving in and out of your body. If you’re meditating on a mantra or passage, slowly begin to repeat the words in your mind. Repeat them slow enough so that the thinking mind begins to slow down. But not too slowly making it easy to lose your place.
  6. Continue for five minutes, or as long as you’d like to continue, up to 25 minutes.
  7. Open your eyes.
  8. Check in with yourself and see how you feel. 
  9. Now, get out your creative tools.
  10. If your mind is really active, you might want to begin your creativity by free writing. If you feel open and receptive, use the creative method of your choosing.
  11. Continue for ten minutes, or as long as you’d like.
  12. Lastly, acknowledge yourself for this time! You tended to yourself today. Tending to your inner life is the most loving thing you can ever do – for yourself and for the world.


Let’s review the highlights of the course:  

Red Canna l Artist: Georgia O'Keefe

Red Canna l Artist: Georgia O’Keefe

• Find a quiet place for your meditation and your creativity, a place where you won’t be disturbed.
• Meditate for 25 minutes each day.
• In meditation, keep your attention on an object of focus (the breath or passage) to sharpen your concentration and deepen your awareness.
• Make your creativity a meditation for 60 minutes each day, building up to an hour gradually.
• In your creativity, give outer expression to the inner experience.
• Stay consistent with when and where you practice.
• Choose one creative method and stay with it. (Artists and dancers may want to use writing as a means to get empty and self-inquiry, then use their preferred method of creative expression.)
• Create for process not product.
• Life is happening now – Use the present moment to keep you going – what’s going on right now?
• Be sure to have a network of support as you continue to practice.


Now take what you’ve learned here and continue your practice. Perhaps you’d like to start out with meditation once per day, which is ideal, or meditating once per week. Of course, the more frequently you meditate, the stronger its benefits. The same is true with your creativity. Give your inner experience expression to become an authentic, alive fountain of vitality and passion. Make your creativity a meditation to take your practice deeper. When you begin to connect with the life within you, you’ll get in touch with the power and life that is yours.

Resources to Go Deeper

If you’d like to continue and deepen your practice:  

Creation Meditation Courses – Now that you’ve taken this beginning course, consider taking the online courses to deepen your practice. They are offered by donation and your contribution goes towards our mission.
About – Find out who we are and what we are up to. 
Donate – If you’d like to support us in bringing this practice to a large audience, we appreciate your donations. Thank you! 

If you have comments or questions, please write to us at Meditation @ Creation Meditation dot com.

What do you need to start a practice?  Tell us! We want to help you get started!

We encourage you to begin practicing today. Collective change happens with one person at a time!


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“The world you perceive is made of consciousness; what you call matter is consciousness itself.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Profound self-knowledge is knowledge of God.”

– John Baldock, The Alternative Gospel