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heARTs ImageThe heARTs program serves women of lower socioeconomic status within the greater Los Angeles area. Through art and meditation, we aim to provide women with opportunities for spiritual practice and facilitate in them a relationship with the greater intelligence within.  

Spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, once proclaimed:

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

However, women of low socioeconomic status tend to regularly experience setbacks, difficulty, and financial circumstances that are limiting and disempowering. Furthermore, women with social and economic disadvantages tend to be vulnerable to challenging life experiences, including trauma. And “traumatized people suffer damage to the basic structures of the self,” wrote Judith Herman, author of Trauma and Recovery, “They lose their trust in themselves, in other people, and in God,” (1997, p. 56). Women of low socioeconomic status have significant spiritual needs and…

… the gifts and potential of women are vast.

To make matters worse, the milieu in which women live their lives today is one of great spiritual impoverishment.  The alarming rates of mental illness, suicide, and ecological destruction that exists around the world point to this spiritual poverty. Without removing the barriers to spiritual practice and empowerment, women might never discover their unique sense of self, contribute to their community, or pass on to others the wisdom they’ve uncovered within themselves.

The heARTs program will invite participants into two forms of spiritual practice that are known to facilitate transformation:

Meditation – Meditation (the practice of concentrating on one point of focus) facilitates slowing down the pace of thoughts and creates spaciousness within, which allows for greater access to wisdom and deeper parts of one’s being.

Mindful Creativity – Non-judgmental creative expression facilitates inwardly listening, receptivity, and self-expression from the depths of one’s being.

One unique benefit of these combined practices is that they are particularly spiritually fortifying. Meditation facilitates opening the heart and mind, while mindful creativity helps one become more receptive to what is arising within. The soft, small voice becomes more accessible. The wisdom of one’s life gently rises to the surface. There is no greater empowerment than reconnecting with the unique guidance and wisdom of one’s life. In summary, these two practices encourage the discovery of Self (one’s innermost essence).

To ensure a memorable experience for participants, The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) has partnered with:


Drawing from a pool of professionals from Depth Psychology Alliance’s Depth List, guest speakers will help facilitate the program, bringing an array of additional opportunities for women to learn healing practices that support sustainable change in their lives.

The heARTs program is made up of a three hour group (6pm to 9pm) once per week for 11 months. The program is divided into two periods, each 22 weeks long. Twenty-two weeks can allow for healing, change, and growth to take place over time. This will foster connections among the group, create bonds of support, and encourage the continued use of these spiritual practices at home.

If you feel interested to participate in the program, email info@creationmeditation.com for more about eligibility and start dates.


If you feel this program will be a benefit to the community and to the women who participate, we would greatly appreciate your financial contribution. Please use the donation form below.

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