The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity


The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) began with an inner impulse to serve, beginning its journey with the community of Kaillua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2010.

In 2010, we started by providing services to the community of Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. There, the founder of FSPC, Adriana Attento, facilitated workshops on the healing power of creativity and how it might be used as a spiritual practice. At that time, recognizing the similarities between 1) the practice of contemplative Tantra and 2) creativity as a spiritual practice, Adriana called her workshops Creative Tantra. However, Tantra not being widely understood by the general public prompted the decision to give the spiritual practice a new name: Creation Meditation.

In 2010, Creation Meditation was recognized by Barbara Marx Hubbard, a leader in Evolutionary Spirituality, who described the practice in this way:

“This seminal approach to meditation as the deep activation of our creativity, our access to divine imagination and manifestation is one of the most important approaches to meditation that I have recently encountered. It guides us toward co-creation and full participation in the conscious evolution of ourselves and the world. A vital practice and approach to spiritual evolution for us all.”

Between 2011 and 2013, workshops and retreats were offered in various parts of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, and Arizona that provided opportunities for spiritual practice, including meditation and creativity.


Creation Meditation Retreat Hawai’i 2013   Photo: Michael Daly Artist

In 2014, realizing that Creation Meditation could enhance and be enhanced by engaging with other conscious, spiritual practices, Adriana began to reach out to similarly-minded leaders. With Whitney Freya, Judith “Kahealani” Lynne, and Bairavee Balasubramaniam, Adriana founded a non-profit organization that would facilitate the teaching of Creation Meditation, alongside complementary methods and approaches. Adriana, Whitney, Kahea, and Bairavee each bring their wisdom, vision, skills, and experience, creating an organization rich with imagination and intention to serve the planet.

In May of 2015, the Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity was officially recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit, public charity organization. FSPC will provide services that are low-cost or free to the public, such that anyone who is interested in and serious about spiritual practice will not be held back by financial concerns. Historically, various spiritual traditions have offered wisdom and opportunities for spiritual practice at no cost. We are grateful for the opportunity to follow in this tradition.


The minds and hearts behind FSPC include:

web-sizedMG_0627_0580Adriana Attento, MA – I have a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am a published writer, teacher, and psychotherapist pursuing licensing in Hawaii and California.  The symbolic meaning of the name Adriana Attento reveals an aspect of my deep Self. Adriana means rich and dark, or dark one. I experience myself to be dark, that is, fertile with wisdom and rich with the abundance of life. I enjoy long hours in the darkness of my being, meditating upon truth and how to express this truth to the world. Attento means attention or to be attentive. Giving my full attention to the darkness within and to what is emerging from that darkness brings me great fulfillment. In fact, this is not only what I deeply enjoy; it’s my calling. Facilitating in others the emergence of what is arising from within them is my soulful vocation.

thumb_WhitneyWhitney FreyaIntuitively, in 1996, I aligned with my soul’s calling and opened an art center with NO art training. Tuning into my truth as a “Life Artist” became my passion, the blank canvas my modality, and the beginner’s mind my greatest ally. Rainbow alliances of others committed to reminding us all of our inherent, infinite creative ability became my reward. At FSPC, I have found a medium within which I can collaborate to expand and inspire even more forward thinking individuals—those of you yearning to live life from infinite possibility—to new heights of personal creativity.


Bairavee Image FSPC editedBairavee Balasubramaniam,PhD -Blessings to All :) My name is Bairavee, which is a Mahavidya form of Goddess Mahakali meaning ‘the terrifying one’. Her role in the Universe is to cut through the illusions that hold us back from seeing past our limitations. That includes the destruction, or, devouring of the Ego. I was born in Malaysia, am of Tamil (South Indian) origin and have lived in various parts of Europe and Asia. In my work as a priestess, astrologer and motivational speaker, I facilitate individuals in the work they do with the Unknown, Hidden or Shadow parts of themselves – for it is here that our greatest strengths and vulnerabilities are hidden. I also write articles and poems on spiritual awakening, The Goddess Movement, The Compassionate Masculine, Astrology and have a PhD in Political Science from the University of Warwick, UK.

After shoot PiCJudith “Kahealani” Lynne – Everything in my life is pulsed by the longing to know God. Continuing in my ancestral lineage, I carry the gift of Sacred Sound, using the voice consciously as a potent tool. As a spiritual practice, I open and allow the Voice of God to breathe and express through me, then I focus inward and allow the voice to carry me back to Source. I have discovered that each breath we take holds the possibility of a new creation; with the conscious addition of sound, we can call new worlds into being. It is my passion to navigate the many worlds on the wings of my Voice, evoking harmony, alignment, balance and upliftment for people and places. As an elder, I love mentoring others in their exploration, supporting the emergence of the True Self. I am a spiritual teacher, healer, voice teacher, published writer, recording artist, intuitive reader, celebrant, grandmother and True Friend.



Our mission is to facilitate in others an opening to the greater Mystery in order to experience the pulse of Creation. In so doing, we help heal the collective psyche from one that feels separate and alone to one that feels connected and in relationship to a greater Intelligence.




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