The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity

The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to facilitate a consciousness of union. There remains a great divide between inner and outer, human and divine, good and bad, and so on. The spiritual practice of creativity combined with meditation can help a practitioner realize the One consciousness, within which all form is arising, out which all form is made, and through which all form is known.

In 2010, Creation Meditation was recognized by Barbara Marx Hubbard, a leader in Evolutionary Spirituality, who described the practice in this way:

“This seminal approach to meditation as the deep activation of our creativity, our access to divine imagination and manifestation is one of the most important approaches to meditation that I have recently encountered. It guides us toward co-creation and full participation in the conscious evolution of ourselves and the world. A vital practice and approach to spiritual evolution for us all.”

FSPC Board

The minds and hearts behind FSPC include:

  • Adriana Attento, MAPresident of the Board
  • Whitney Freya – Secretary of the Board
  • Judith “Kahealani” Lynne – Treasurer of the Board
  • Margaret  Harrison – Director







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“The world you perceive is made of consciousness; what you call matter is consciousness itself.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Profound self-knowledge is knowledge of God.”

– John Baldock, The Alternative Gospel