The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity

Our mission is to facilitate a consciousness of union through:

  • supporting a shift of attention inward by providing inward seeking practices and opportunities for spiritual growth
  • facilitating the cultivation of awareness by providing opportunities for meditation and mindful living
  • supporting a reunion with an inner intelligence by providing opportunities for making creativity a spiritual practice – the practice of Creation Meditation

The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity was organized to support and preserve the integrity of Creation Meditation as a spiritual practice. The Center is also responsible for making the practice available to the public and supporting the publication of teaching material through articles, books, and audiovisuals.

CV for Adriana Attento, Founder of Creation Meditation


Adriana Attento, Founder of Creation Meditation

web-sizedMG_0627_0580Hi, I’m the founder of Creation Meditation, but it’s funny, I never set out to bring this practice to the world. The practice developed slowly in my own life and it ultimately transformed me. In 1998, I was traveling throughout the five boroughs of New York City working for Ford Motor Company. Even though I was well-paid and living in a wonderful and exciting city, I was depressed, anxious, and lost. I was cut off from a true self. I had no idea what I was passionate about or what I liked. What I knew was that it was hard to be with myself. I didn’t like who I was, and I was sure others didn’t like me either. I didn’t even know that I had a true self to discover. But I knew something needed to change!

I began to meditate. Earlier that summer I found a book on meditation but I never took up the practice. I read the book and let its information sit inside me. Once I started, fireworks went off inside. The moment that I began to look inward, I began to connect with an essential part of me. And as I noticed little changes inside – a moment of happiness, a glimpse of clarity – I started to write as a way to understand the inner process. I was curious about the changes taking place inside.

This practice continued – meditation and what I called deep writing – at least once a day. After years of meditation and after filling hundreds of notebooks with my creative expression, in the Spring of 2004, my awareness sank so deep that a fountain of personal and archetypal images sprang forward. It became clear that the creative force is the very power that brings this entire collective experience – reality – into being. And this realization occurred through the relationship with the creative energy.

In fact, it was so profound that it inspired me to formally study the imagination, the unconscious, and the process by which this awakening occurred. About two years later, I attended Pacifica Graduate Institute and eventually earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. While attending Pacifica I also attended weekly meditation groups led by Timothy Conway who taught principles from the Advaita Vedenta, or non-dual tradition. Advaita Vedanta is a philosophy that states the world is an illusion (a dream) and there is no difference between nothingness and the images it bears, between experiential reality and the Source of Reality. Since then, I’ve also studied Tantra, Western Mysticism, and the Wisdom tradition. 

Over time, I came to love to my own uniqueness, the special way in which the entirety of the cosmos reveals itself through the life I am living. In the world of writing, there is an expression that captures the creative process well: when you go to write a book, the book ends up writing you. When you create, the creative energy creates you! Like the way a seed is transformed in the darkness of the dirt; give it enough rain and rich soil and soon its uncurling buds breakthrough to the sun. Over time, as I continued to allow, as I continued to give expression to my inner experience, I gave birth to myself. As I poured out my ideas, images, feelings, emotions on the page, I gradually gave birth to a new me.

Today, I look back on my life and realize that by trying to follow society’s path and seeking the approval of others – good grades and getting a well-paying job – that’s what got me in trouble. That’s what led down the path of depression and loss of soul. But with meditation, the heart began to open. With that holy threshold available, wisdom and the intuitive intelligence of creation began to arise. Deepening my relationship with this energy led to finding myself, my passion, and my purpose – to teach Creation Meditation and bring its wisdom to the world.

Recently, I discovered the deeper meaning of Adriana Attento, which only added ground to the sacred path I am walking. Adriana means rich and dark, or dark one, and I experience myself to be dark, that is, fertile with wisdom and rich with the abundance of life. I enjoy long hours in the dark dome of my being, meditating upon truth and how to express this truth to the world. Attento means attention or to be attentive – giving my full attention to the darkness within and what is emerging from that darkness. In fact, this is not only what I deeply enjoy; it’s my calling.

Along with teaching Creation Meditation, I am a strong advocate for the spiritual practice of creativity and creating a world that deeply respects and reveres the creative/sexual energy within each of us. As the author of A Holy Nothingness: Writing Towards God as well as Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor, and YOU, and other books in the future, I hope to spread this message. Today, I assist others in forming a relationship with the source of life, helping them connect with their own life energy and sacred path. I work with individuals who want to deepen their relationship with creativity – from getting the creative juices flowing, to allowing inner experiences to creatively emerge, and to caring for the images of the soul. It is a joyful gift to be living with purpose and in service to the greater Whole.

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