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creation meditation is a spiritual practice

There is only One energy here.

Even though we are miles apart. Even though you and I are in two different worlds, separate in time and space, we share the same energy. We are bathing in a vitality that connects us. Though we forget, though it feels like we are lonely beings in a world that carries on without us, we are utterly connected and intimately in union.

This energy, this vitality, is the intelligence that animates everything, the connecting bridge between us. It is none other than the universal life force. It is the alive, moving, shifting energy that brings this reality into being and animates it from birth to death. The very essence of who you are is this vitality. The whole of you, right now, is operating because of a sacred intelligence, a holy energy that animates this One Life.

The spiritual practice of Creation Meditation (meditation + creativity) is a way to become intimate with Life. It is a way to deepen into who you are. Every thought, image, idea, intuition you have is an expression of the creative, sexual Life force.

Meditation sharpens your focus so that your awareness can sink deeper and deeper inward, and then, connected to the fountain within, creativity allows you to express yourself – be yourself – fully. The practice unleashes reservoirs of energy, awakens your authenticity, and brings you home to yourself. Experience the natural images, creative power, and life force that flow from your core.

creation meditation awakens the reverent and sacred nature of sexuality, creativity, and life.

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