The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) honors life in the most exquisite way. We recognize that within each of us there is a fountain of Life, a wondrous Spring of vitality. If you were to point your attention inward, you would find there is a ceaseless arising of energy: thoughts, emotions, images, memories, ideas, insights, dream snippets, and bodily sensations continue to be born.

FSPC aims to teach a spiritual practice that facilitates a deep relationship with Life. The practice of Creation Meditation (meditation + mindful creativity) is a way to become intimate with Life as it arises from within. It is a practice that wakes us up to the reverent and sacred nature of this existence. Meditation sharpens our focus so that awareness can sink deeper inward, and then mindful creativity allows us to consciously express what’s arising from the depths of our being. The more intimate our relationship with the intelligence arising from within, the more intimate our relationship with the Divine. This sacred, inner intimacy facilitates an ever-more conscious participation in the evolution of our lives.

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Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor, and YOU!
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Creativity: Waking Up to the Holiness of Life
The articles in this book describe how the practice of creativity can become a powerful spiritual practice. Click to purchase on Amazon
The Inner Shoreline: Writing Prompts for Exploring the Sacred World Within
This book is uniquely crafted with quotes and questions that encourage the journey inward. Click to purchase on Amazon
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